Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome to Imagination Island

Welcome to the role playing game where anything is possible. Its pretty simple but I'll run through how the game is played.

All the players are divided into teams, the goal of the game is to be in control of the island seeing your enemy teams defeated, enslaved, what have you. The game is played in days and turns. One turn is what you the individual player can do in one day, the important thing to note here is YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Every new day I your god (the dm) will post what became of your posted actions. Its important to note what you post is what you want to happen, what I post is what actually happens. How much of your turn you devote to a single task will be related to how effective that action was. You can perform any number of actions or tasks but if you post too many all of them will suffer. It's a good idea to break up your actions/things you do into fractions to show how much time you reserve for certain actions.

All turns will be posted in the team threads and the deadlines for turns will be 11:59 pm the day before the next update. The game will be updated every two days from start.

During your turn you can attempt any action but a certain line of reasoning will be followed, this involves character progress and resources. A list of team resources will be kept on the team page any personal resources should be kept track of by the player.

You can join in any time, I will be hosting recruitment during the beginning but if you wish to join later fear not. Just pick a team and post, I'll add you to the roster next day.

Next begins recruitment.

For any person wishing to contact me for questions or behind the back deals even in game, contact me at imaginedm@gmail.com.

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  2. So... um.. how I shot web?

  3. Probably nothing too much to do for today. Once we get split into teams the game will start. Destroyer will reveal unto us his master plan and we will declare the actions we want to take for our turns, i assume in our designated team tab. Destroyer, being the DM, will then take our actions that we want to do and make a story of it all. Then we declare actions again, rinse and repeat!

    Crude and incomplete explanation.