Friday, March 19, 2010

Team Shark Shotgun Day Two!

When the natives arrived no one wanted anything they had, so no trades occured. This made them upset and a few looked downright angry. But when mwkelley hatched a plan and Ish and Slash pitched in Team Sharkshotgun started a crazy awesome boar roast and extended an invitation to the natives. With two pigs they roast one for their luau and the other to Broseidon and a giant thumbs up appears in the clouds. During the festivities Mike Fish creates dice out of bones and begins to throw dice with the natives. At one point one of them bets his toaster and loses and gives it to mike fish. Before the natives leave they hand Ish (because he has the most hair) a map of the island that details where their camp is. The natives leave and all of them look very happy even the one that lost his toaster.

Ish spends part of his turn healing mwkelley and the rest at the luau. After healing mwkelley Ish begins to realize the potential of combining healing and magic. With the right application of study he could create a method of healing multiple people, or heal some one he can't see, even both with time.

mwkelley plucks a few hairs from the steelmane boar and adds them to his cluebyfour. After skinning the boar for the roast not only was mwkelley able to use the razor sharp bristles in his cluebyfour but also he found he could where it like a piece of armor.

Slashphoenix after helping with the luau begins training in earth magic learning the ways stone and sand all the while the tick of the watch allowing him to learn faster. Slash learns how to manipulate the land on a small scale able to raise and lower areas even in combat giving himself the high ground. Also he is able to sense nearby creatures through the vibrations they cause on the ground. Finally when concentrating he can shape land into unrefined shapes such as an imperfect sphere or cube.

Mike Fish begins crafting a harpoon and then the toaster dings and the harpoon is done. It's several hours later but Mike believes only a few minutes passed by. To his astonishment not only is his harpoon finished but it is a finely crafted stone harpoon. He knew how to make something like this but normally it would have taken him several days!

Jake goes off into the jungle and trains all day with his spear switching between dagger and spear in order to become proficient with both. Spending all day training has made you tired but paid off greatly increasing strength and speed at an above normal rate.

your team ends the day with: steelmane pelt, boargorcluebyfour, sturdy stone harpoon, dice, and map.


  1. =MY TURN=

    As wind, wave, and rain lash the island, the great power of Broseidon sheilds the camp... but not me. For I have waded out knee deep into the water. The breaking waves reach up past my head (bitchin' Poseidon-like beard and all). But I welcome their impact, greeting each with a Broseidon inspired battlecry, like, "Bitchin!" "Righteous Surf Dude!" and, most sacred of all, "Cowabunga, Bros!"

    The large lower jawbones of the two boars have been fashioned into rudimentary weapons, a combination of the ancient katar 'punching daggers' of India and the good old knuckledusters of Brotania. The mighty Fists of the Pacific - the PaciFists.

    As each wave approached, I counter-attack, increasing my strength and defense against the fury of the storm.

  2. I spend the turn inside the shelter of our camp, practicing my earth-shifting alchemy whilst protected from the ferocious torrent of rain, tears, and god-sweat. However, instead of practicing earth and fire magic all willy-nilly, I do my best to shape a small hut out of sand and hardened with fire (pueblo-style) to be used as an armory for my team. I then create a heavy stone forge and anvil with a combination of stone/fire power to provide my men with a place to craft their weapons with awesome power and might.

    After I'm done, I yell "Come, men, the fires of creation have been stirring in my loins, and I can see that your loins share the same fire as mine, though certainly not as large! Within, I provide you tools of mastery, so that you may enhance your equipment, even if it is inferior to my own!"

  3. MY TURN
    = = = =

    I'm lying on the warm sand, catchin' some morning rays as sheets of rain and lightning crash down 100 yards away on every side. It's not a sight you see every day, but it's something a guy could get used to...

    I watch for a little while as Ish fashions some hardcore knuckledusters and wades out to show the ocean who's boss. I approve. Broseidon or no, this ocean deserves to be smacked around a little for shipwrecking us here. I gaze out into the deeper, storm-tossed, lizardshark-infested waters where our ship went under.

    If only we had some way to scuba down and salvage that wreckage... I mean, that boat went down with some, like, critical stuff aboard... my hacky-sack, my stash... my Green Day CDs... you can't just walk away from a record collection like that, yo.

    Man, the waves are getting large... Inspired, I head to the wood pile and look for a wide, flat board about 8' long. After a bit of crude carving with a spear point-- and jamming the boar's two tusks under the tail-end as fins-- I fashion a long, old-skool-style surfboard. I attach a long length of rope to one end and tie the other end to my ankle. I'm set.

    I spend the rest of the day on surf patrol, surfing and skin-diving around the shoreline to search and salvage any wreckage or debris that the storm may have washed ashore.

    (I mostly stick close to the camp to keep the weather from slowing me down. Plus, yah know, surfing in the rain is the suck. *grin* )

    = = = = = =

    Tomorrow (assuming the weather clears up), I'd like to take Ish and who ever else wants to go & make our first inland expedition, heading first to the natives' village then to wherever Ish's glasses are leading. I figure I might as well look around for some trade-goods first.

  4. (p.s. "PaciFists" made me chuckle. Nice one, Ish)

  5. Proficiency is not good enough, I declare, knowing well my rate of progress through my many hours of experience grinding in video games. I must be a master. The very best, like no one ever was before me. I decide I can give myself a few hours rest before heading out into the storm, beyond the most eminently awesome Broseidon's protection, to train in the wind and the elements to toughen myself against hardship, and to continue practicing my weapon abilities.

  6. Mike: I concur with your plan; I want to see whatever it is His Chillness wants us to see.

  7. Getting up in the morning I appreciate the sphere of non-rain that Broseidon put up. I'm not a religious man, but I'm giving credit where credit is due in this case. I lazily spend my day loafing around for awhile, at least until slashpheonix makes the forge. I'm enthusiastic, helping him with directions on the dimensions and such, using my architectural knowledge, if at all possible. I do point out that we will need raw materials before we can actually forge anything though.

    "This will be awesome. I got to use a forge back at the academy, well, umm, before I dropped out anyway." I comment when the forge is done. After that I debate just watching Mikekelley surf but decide instead to at least get a little practice with the harpoon. I'm not much of a fighter, but just in case I spend some time at least getting it thrown straight, and learning how to pull it back quick.

    At the end of the day, when over the campfire a discussion on an expedition tomorrow surfaces, I am adamant about coming along. "Look, I know I'm not exactly the greatest warrior or magician, or whatever, but if going to use that forge efficiently, we're going to need metals and other raw materials. I know exactly what metals we're looking for, and where to look for them. Plus, I can craft a few knives out of the bones we have left from the boar to use as trade goods in the morning."

    -Help slashpehonix on the forge
    -practice throwing the harpoon around