Friday, March 19, 2010

Day Three Pointdexterians arrive!

First I would like to apologize for the slow update. In order to make up for it your last actions increased in effectiveness. From now on they will be more prompt and the deadline schedule will be moving at a bit brisker of a pace.

The winds howl and black storm clouds gather over the island letting loose trumpeting roars of thunder. Lightening flashes all around and rain pours down instantly drenching anything in its path.

Meanwhile back in Brotannia...

"My lord we have just received word from our bothan spies that the King of Poindexteria has sent his best men to the island of legend in an attempt to steal your pet and seem way cooler than you".

"Ha even the most meeger child in Brotannia could defeat the strongest Pointdexterian"!

"That may be but they always travel in great numbers and use and create the highest quality tools and supplies".

"HAHAHAAA! This will be more fun to watch than that episode of Days of My lives when I found out I was cheating on myself with my clone"!

Back on the island...

Through the whipping wind a shipwrecks on a shore of the island.

Veritable shit storm
  • All actions affected by weather suffer a 50% effectiveness penalty.
-=Team Sharkshotgun=-

Your camp is protected by Broseidon. No wind or rain or other harmful weather affects happen while in camp but once you leave you will be affected by the weather. you have access to the treeline, part of the surf and most of the shore.

-=Team Axis=-

Whilst inside your secured huts you are unaffected by weather.

To get things moving along a little faster the deadline will be Sunday at 10pm, and you can expect an update the next day.

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