Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update Pending School!

Sorry folks about the another lagged update. I have a lot of school work to do. So as of right now I will not be updating until Thursday. Sorry.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day fiver!

It's sunny and hot!

Saturday 10 pm.

Team Mitchell

All the kingdoms in the land are in a rush to capture the final Lionphoenix yours was no different. But you grew up in the land of Mercenaria where working for a bounty is considered the greatest and most honorable profession. After hearing about the bounty given by Brotania's King your entire kingdom was whipped up into a frenzy. Every one was seeking for a way onto the island of legend, but getting there is almost impossible. Luckily for you your father left you several powerful magic items before he died. The first being a compass that can lead you to anything you desire and is said to possess certain protective qualities and a flintlock pistol that dosn't need to be reloaded. Instead you just need to cock back the hammer each time you wish to fire. Then finally your father left you a small sail boat that is said to be able to with stand any kind of punishment. Using these items you make it your quest to go to the Island of Legend and bring back the Lionphoenix making you the biggest name in the Mercenary community.

After many days of hardship you arrive mostly intact at the northern shore of The Island of Legend. You pull your boat to shore and look around the area. Lizardsharks and catlobsters are basking in tide pools. while small pig creatures are running about the shore eating fallen fruits. The volcano which is said to be the home of the Lionphoenix looms ominously overhead. You can hear whoops and howls from unimaginable creatures emanating from the jungle in front of you.

You've heard that two Brotannian guilds and the Pointdexterians have successfully landed and have the same objective you do.

-=your current resources are=-
  • Magic compass
  • Magic gun
  • Magic sail boat

Team Shark Shotgun Day Four!

Seizing the amiable temperament of the day, Ish, Fish, and mwkelley set out to explore deeper into the jungle and find and make contact with the natives at their village. Before leaving Ish heals Jakes arm and realizes a secret to healing magic. Ish can now heal one person without spending an action, any other people though and he will need a 1/2 action to heal. The three of you set out. As you explore the jungle your party comes across many wild creatures most of which run and hide from you.

Then the three of you come across a small pink boarling its just sitting there sniffling. Ish and fish all recognize that something isn't normal about the pigling, it doesn't seem to have any noticeable oriffices like it was meant to just look like a pigling and the sound it's making isn't really coming from the pig. But before they can say anything mwkelley moves to give the pig a knock on the melon so he can cook and eat it. Then when mwkelley gets close enough to it, a creature pounces from the bushes. The pigling like thing is attached to a tendril coming from the predator. The creature attacks mwkelley, standing about 15ft tall and 10ft long, long needle like teeth extending from a large maw just below where the tendril connects, two fly like eyes on the side of its head just after the maw ends and a large cat like body, 10 Tentacles about 20ft long each extend out from his back and flail about at its side making it hard to surround. The Teeth pierce into mwkelley's shoulder causing a large gaping wound. The boar pelt cuts into the creature causing it to howl in pain. Jumping into action Ish using his water magic opens up a steam vent under the creature then leaps straight at it and comes down on it with his Pacifists. Mike Fish using his harpoon throws it into his side and uses the rope to restrict its movements. mwkelley pulling himself together pulls his cluebyfour above his head with both hands and crashes it down onto the creatures head in the hardest blow he has ever dealt. The creatures screams a shrill cry before only heard in your nightmares then goes lifeless.

Ish heals mwkelley but as you take some time to recover from the fight Mike Fish manages to find a small cave. Inside the cave Mike Fish finds all the metals and ores necessary to create steal and quite a bit. Marking it on the map they continue to the village. When they arrive at the village they can hear chanting coming from the center of the village. Opting to be cautious they sneak closer for a look. As they peer out behind a hut they hear the words "ia ia cthulhu fhtagn" being chanted over and over. The natives are huddled in a circle around a pit a large stick coming from the center. A man of Dexterian descent tied to the pole just begins awakening and screams as he looks down. Then in mere seconds you see a flash of a creature stretch up surround the man then pull him beyond your sight into the pit. From what you saw it had no defining shape and you all saw multiple mouths and eyes.

Back at the camp...

Jake trains his body even harder with strength and endurance training. Jake comes the realization that he is the strongest in the team.

While working on imbuing a few machetes with fire and earth magic which turned out to be fairly easy for fire magic. Creating machetes that can ignite as they cut something. Slashphoenix notices that the albums that mwkelley left behind were Green Days later stuff like American idiot and not nearly as awesome as Dookie. But not dissuaded Slashphoenix imbues them with the power of Pop Punk. Slash is unsure of the effects this will have but no doubt it will be wicked sweet. Slash also draws up plans for a fortress, defensive spike and magic flame turrets.

Your team ends the turn with: 3 fire and pop punk machetes, plans for a fortress and defenses, monster carcass(you can name it yourself), position for metal mine.

The Axis of Glorious Retribution Day Four!

Team Axis is thankful for the quiet after the storm. The warm rays of the sun much appreciated over the howling winds of the terrible squall. Realizing that several of his teammates are in need Lightfufu wastes no time, and immediately begins problem solving.

Awakening inside the cave Stalkerfufu notices he is now completely alone, the native as left him and there is no trace of a trail. Tending to his wound Stalkerfufu successfully cleans and bandages it. The wound causes a slight amount of pain but at least he isn't injured anymore. Looking around the cave he notices that this cave isn't purely natural there is evidence that the cave walls have been worked. Using some of the embers from the fire the native left and sticks and underbrush stalkerfufu puts together a small torch and goes deeper into the cave. The deeper into the cave he goes the more the stone around him becomes worked, transforming into a hallway with imperfect 90 degree angles. Finally he reaches a arch way with two pillars carved out of the walls. A stone figurehead of a Lionphoenix carved at the top of the arch way is posed to look like it is jumping down on anyone who enters. Continuing past the archway the cave opens up into a large room with a 30 foot stone door at one end and a stone alter in the middle. All around him on the walls, ceiling and floor are pictographs of man shaped pictures worshiping the the Lionphoenix and as the pictures progress a giant bat like man creature is depicted destroying their village. The alter is stained blood but by the looks of it is very old and well preserved. In the alter is a ornamental dagger, carved with similar symbols as those around you. When you touch the blade your skin instantly frosts, it does no damage but if you had left it there it would have. There is one large symbol carved into the door and you get the distinct impression that it is a warning.

Lightfufu warms up with some katas then gives a rousing speech and heads out mounting a rescue search of stalkerfufu. Looking at the map he see's the symbol of the cave believing this to be the best place to start his search he heads south. Spending much of the day to reach the cave, Lightfufu arrives and notices the vestiges of a fire. Using his fire magic to create a torch Lightfufu heads into the cave and catches up with Stalkerfufu.

BeckyD overwhelmed by her sickness and injury spends her day laying on the ground, one of the Lizardshark cultists tends to her wounds with a "high as fuck healing salve". Suddenly she feels all better in fact not only that but manages to have a rousing conversation with one of the lizardsharks and a grasshopper. The grasshopper bounces away saying something about being late to a band practice and the lizardshark has to get back to his dark rites so that his bloodthristy god won't shred his soul and use his innards as play things. (BeckyD is now uninjured and unsickened).

The Goop takes to the jungle searching for more potent chemicals and exploring deeper into the jungle. With his small platoon of Lizardsharks he makes his way farther inland. Encountering but making quick work of Monkeyspiders and Montypythons. Chewing on the memory enhancing leaf he remembers his first day of "Defense against the Awesome arts" when his teacher saw potential in him and decided to reveal himself as a practitioner of the awesome arts and take The Goop under his wing. The Goop remembers his first spell "Fuckis Upis" a spell designed to totally fuck the enemy straight up. Towards the end of the day they come across a trail that when followed leads to a native village.

Jeremy spends the day innovating now that the forge is up and running. Jeremy creates nails and screws, bolts, saws, drills, hammers, and many other advanced tools. Now he is able to create all sorts of structures and objects. Also looking at the brown nuts that explode he comes up with a simple design for a non-lethal gun that fires the nuts. And creates one such item.

Your team ends the day with: -1 healing salve, advanced tools, frost dagger, pop nut gun.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day for... I mean four!

It is sunny and warm, 0 chance of rain showers. The beginning of the day is uneventful and nothing looks particularly ominous except for the volcano and the dark and deeply frightening jungle.

Wednesday at 10pm

Team Shark Shotgun Day Three!

Team Sharkshotgun has the worst day of their lives. Or at least they would be if it wasn't for the good graces of a certain god. In reality the team has a relatively boring day.

Ish went looking to spice up his training by doing so in typhoon level winds and waves. After whipping together a crude fist weapon from boar bones he wades into the ocean. Punch after punch is thrown at the storm and continually met with the same response of being nearly drowned to death. Finaly when Ish had all but had enough he raises his fist one last time and stops just short of punching the wave when it is halted in it's tracks. Ish then proceeds to give it two for flinching. After his training he realizes that he is stronger and no longer suffers any penalties while fighting in water.

Slashphoenix spends some of his time honing is earth magic and begins to realize some things about himself. He is the best in his team at fire and earth magic and has the highest intelligence. Slash learns how to better control earth able to move it swiftly to attack people, and raise and lower large areas, small amounts. He can create complex images out of earth and even move it around underneath him to bring certain sections that contain ores and metals up to the surface. The rest of his turn is spent molding a structure into a smithy, with the help of mike fish he does so adequately.

The team sees mwkelley chilling out and surfing and having a good ol' time. But in one of his search dives he manages to find two crates one that says "Sharkshotguns: mw's Green Day CD's", and the other says "Pointdexteria: crate of 20 well made machetes". hauling these up from the briny deep took a great effort but by mid afternoon you had them up on shore for everyone to see.

Jake deciding to take a page from Ish heads off into the stormy jungle then he fights his way to a cliff side wind whipping, waves crashing, lightening thrashing across the sky. Training his body and skill with a spear and dagger on the cliff side some epic 80's montage music ques up in the background. The training is very effective. Suddenly the storm jostles a large load of the tough brown nuts and the force from their popping combined with the wind pushes him off of the cliff side tumbling down to the ocean below. managing to swim to safety you return to the camp only to discover that your arm is broken. In you training you learn about yourself and the rest of the team and discover that you are the best in the team with a spear and are equally strong with mwkelley. you are wounded.

Mike Fish spends a productive day helping slash with the creation of the smithy and honing his own skill with the harpoon. By the end of the day Mike is easily able to spear a fish, doing so many times over the course of the day.

your team ends the day with: Jake(wounded), Pacifists, Forge and smithy, green day cds, 20 machetes, 5 fish.

The Axis of Glorious Retribution Day three!

As the day goes on the storm gets worse, the wind howls like an army of monkeys and the rain pours heavily even piercing through your huts but they still afford you protection. The trees bend and sway and lightening crackles from strikes all over the island. Team Axis is nearly confined to their huts but one brave soul leaves shelter to continue his tasks. Then abruptly when the sun is setting the storm passes and all is peaceful again.

Lightfufu stays inside and uses his proximity to the storm to learn how to be like one. He learns how to bend water in small ways pushing and pulling it as well as creating small tendrils that can pick up objects or create a small whip. He also develops the power to control the wind either commanding it to a standstill when its breezy or making a swift breeze.

Stalkerfufu The brave bastard he is ventures outside to what the rest of the team only assume can be certain doom. He struggles to keep good footing as he walks trying to pierce these wind determined to finish what he started a day ago. He manages to find a few of the rocks he desired but eventualy with a crack of lightening a tree splits open and large pieces of sharp wood splinter off and pierce his leg. knocked off his feet the wind lifts him up and throws him deep into the jungle. wounded and bruised Stalkerfufu struggles in vain to weather the storm in the jungle, but it's just then when a furry native walks by completely unfazed by the storm. Walking around just as happy as if it was sunny he notices Stalkerfufu and begins to help him. The native guides him to a nearby cave, and although they do not speak the same language the native coaxes him into a dance. It was a silly dance around a small fire and the native through something into the fire at the end of the dance. suddenly without warning the native pushed out of the cave. At first he flinched afraid of the rain and storm, but then realized that whatever the native had done the effects of the storm didn't affect him anymore. But his wounded leg still hindered him greatly and he didn't know the surrounding area that well so he spent the rest of the night at the cave.

The goop had his Lizardsharks gather up materials close by and then retreat to their stone crevices for shelter. Meanwhile in his hut The Goop began experimenting with various mixtures and while he was not yet able to create a potion that made you stronger or faster or smarter he was able to create a healing salve. This healing salve would he a wide variety of wounds and was easily package-able in seaweed and distributed to team mates. It also had the desired side-effect of getting you "high as fuck". (Game terms take 1/2 turn to make 1 salve. But when applying takes no part of your turn, but also gets you high. What that means you'll have to find out for yourself.) Goop was able to make 1 such item.

Jeremy went straight to work on the forge, putting the finishing touches and generally perfecting the design. With that done he was a bit bushed but wanted to start work on more tools. Realizing that his ability to create better tools was hinged on the use of the forge which would be nearly impossible during the storm, due to smoke inhalation, or having an opening in the roof which rain could poor through. So instead he experimented with the resources at hand and created a bit drill out of spare bits of metal and wood.

BeckyD went temporarily insane and thought it would be an awesome idea to go dancing in the rain. The rest of the team begins to suspect Island Madness may be setting in. She prances through the thunderstorm like it isn't affecting her at all but it clearly is. She dances through the jungle and discovers that she can't find a dancing partner and dances with a stick. She does this until the wind manages to throw a pretty hefty rock at her head wounding her. Finally done with her dancing spat she returns to her hut and falls asleep. She awakens the next day with purple spots all over her, and a nasty cough. She is now sickened and wounded.

-=Sickened condition=-
In the sickened condition different things may happen to you, of which you will discover in my post. You can take a whole turn and you will have a low chance that turn to be cured or you can take it easy. This tells me your turn is only 50% effective and you have a high chance to be cured. Some one tending you or giving you some sort of health related item might increase chances in both situations.

Your team ends the turn with: BeckyD(Wounded and sickened), Stalkerfufu(wounded), 1 High As Fuck Healing Salve, Finished Forge(high quality), Bit Drill

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day Three Pointdexterians arrive!

First I would like to apologize for the slow update. In order to make up for it your last actions increased in effectiveness. From now on they will be more prompt and the deadline schedule will be moving at a bit brisker of a pace.

The winds howl and black storm clouds gather over the island letting loose trumpeting roars of thunder. Lightening flashes all around and rain pours down instantly drenching anything in its path.

Meanwhile back in Brotannia...

"My lord we have just received word from our bothan spies that the King of Poindexteria has sent his best men to the island of legend in an attempt to steal your pet and seem way cooler than you".

"Ha even the most meeger child in Brotannia could defeat the strongest Pointdexterian"!

"That may be but they always travel in great numbers and use and create the highest quality tools and supplies".

"HAHAHAAA! This will be more fun to watch than that episode of Days of My lives when I found out I was cheating on myself with my clone"!

Back on the island...

Through the whipping wind a shipwrecks on a shore of the island.

Veritable shit storm
  • All actions affected by weather suffer a 50% effectiveness penalty.
-=Team Sharkshotgun=-

Your camp is protected by Broseidon. No wind or rain or other harmful weather affects happen while in camp but once you leave you will be affected by the weather. you have access to the treeline, part of the surf and most of the shore.

-=Team Axis=-

Whilst inside your secured huts you are unaffected by weather.

To get things moving along a little faster the deadline will be Sunday at 10pm, and you can expect an update the next day.

Team Shark Shotgun Day Two!

When the natives arrived no one wanted anything they had, so no trades occured. This made them upset and a few looked downright angry. But when mwkelley hatched a plan and Ish and Slash pitched in Team Sharkshotgun started a crazy awesome boar roast and extended an invitation to the natives. With two pigs they roast one for their luau and the other to Broseidon and a giant thumbs up appears in the clouds. During the festivities Mike Fish creates dice out of bones and begins to throw dice with the natives. At one point one of them bets his toaster and loses and gives it to mike fish. Before the natives leave they hand Ish (because he has the most hair) a map of the island that details where their camp is. The natives leave and all of them look very happy even the one that lost his toaster.

Ish spends part of his turn healing mwkelley and the rest at the luau. After healing mwkelley Ish begins to realize the potential of combining healing and magic. With the right application of study he could create a method of healing multiple people, or heal some one he can't see, even both with time.

mwkelley plucks a few hairs from the steelmane boar and adds them to his cluebyfour. After skinning the boar for the roast not only was mwkelley able to use the razor sharp bristles in his cluebyfour but also he found he could where it like a piece of armor.

Slashphoenix after helping with the luau begins training in earth magic learning the ways stone and sand all the while the tick of the watch allowing him to learn faster. Slash learns how to manipulate the land on a small scale able to raise and lower areas even in combat giving himself the high ground. Also he is able to sense nearby creatures through the vibrations they cause on the ground. Finally when concentrating he can shape land into unrefined shapes such as an imperfect sphere or cube.

Mike Fish begins crafting a harpoon and then the toaster dings and the harpoon is done. It's several hours later but Mike believes only a few minutes passed by. To his astonishment not only is his harpoon finished but it is a finely crafted stone harpoon. He knew how to make something like this but normally it would have taken him several days!

Jake goes off into the jungle and trains all day with his spear switching between dagger and spear in order to become proficient with both. Spending all day training has made you tired but paid off greatly increasing strength and speed at an above normal rate.

your team ends the day with: steelmane pelt, boargorcluebyfour, sturdy stone harpoon, dice, and map.

The Axis of Glorious Retribution Day two!

The wind of the approaching storm rips through camp and Lightfufu begins making preparations. The team hastily begins strengthening the structures.

Lightfufu with the help of his lantern is able to help with the huts, meditate on his fire magic, and learn some unarmed combat katas. Not only was Lightfufu able to learn how to fire off small but white hot fireballs, but he was also able to do it as he threw a punch. The Natives were saddened that they could not make a trade and a few even seemed angry. But after offering them a pile of lumber three of them leave behind one extra spear and happily take thier new pile of wood back into the jungle.

BeckyD helps out around camp and begins yet another day of grueling athletics training. During her acrobatic work out she perfects flips and handsprings even learning how to use her arms and legs to equal effectiveness. Through her rigorous training she has come to learn a great deal about her self. BeckyD has the greatest potential for stealth and subterfuge in her team.

The Goop during his confrontation with the Lizardshark king manages to convince all of the lizardsharks that he a a dark and powerful god that should be feared and worshiped. In awe of the display they cower in fear and begin bowing and some how all don purple cultist robes. They begin practicing dark rites and sacrificing half of there catches to The Goop. The Goop now has all the fish, gulls, and catlobsters he could ever want. and a fiercely loyal entourage of cultist lizardsharks.

Stalkerfufu after helping secure the camp for the storm continues to gather supplies. Heading deeper into the jungle he comes across various sizes of rocks and brings them back to camp each time and heads deeper and deeper with each trek back in. Eventualy he stumbles upon a building carved out of stone. the door is covered with debris from the cliff it is carved into and the fact that there are no trails means no one has been to this site in a very long time. Unable to do anything with the debris alone he heads back to camp to tell his team. Not long after he digs a small trench around the camp. After his gathering expedition Stalkerfufu learns a great deal about him self, learning that he is very average in all tasks but is the best gatherer in the team.

Jeremy works to secure his structure and transform it into an area for a forge. Getting about 2/3rds of the work done. (if you spend one half of a normal turn it will be done) Even though it is not done yet, you are proud of the work the work you've accomplished and beleive that the forge will be of top quality when done.

(Jeremy I couldn't quite understand if you posted your turn or not so I added this in for you in the future please make it more apparent what your turn entails. You can add a "my turn" braket or add more assurance to the post with words like "I do this" and "I will spend my action doing blah".)

Your team ended the turn with: 3 spears, secured huts, forge(almost done), Pack of cultist Lizardsharks, 1 pile of rocks, whereabouts for a abandoned temple.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Deadline looms!

Sorry I forgot to post the deadline for this turn. Because of that I want to make sure that everyone can get a chance which is why I will be making the deadline Wed. 11:59 pm. Then I will put up the next update. From then on it will only be two days between updates, and the deadline will be posted with the updates.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Day Dawns (Day Two)

Back in Bro-tannia the king is bored.

"summon the magi! Flavor of Love bores me and I wish to see how the contest is going, scry me the island again".

Several moments and pieces of tin-foil later.

"thank god I thought we'd never get good reception now lets see what going...holy shit that was metal, this is much better than Jersey Shore".

On the island

The weather begins to take a turn for the worst, the clouds grow gray and the wind picks up in speed. Rain is on the way but has not arrived yet. The necessity of quick action brought on by the arrival of a bad storm increases everyone's turn efficiency.

Natives approach both camps with a small band of 5 warriors equipped with spears some of them carrying an item they point and grunt gesturing for a trade. After looking over what you have they point to what they are willing to trade for.

  • Pocketwatch=Sockmonkey
  • Sunglasses=Rocket Propelled Piranha launcher
  • Gem Encrusted spear=toaster
The Axis
  • Lantern=Glowingblacksword
  • map=gasoline powered electrical generator
  • all your wood=gasoline
You get the impression they don't want to stick around (they will leave in 1 turn).

Being wounded means you lose half your turn. That means any actions you perform are at half efficiency. Consequently it takes a half a turn to heal your self or anyone else.

Team Shark Shotgun Day One!

Team Sharkshotgun starts the day off with a bang as Slashphoenix begins training in powerful fire magic. With the careful ticking of the pocketwatch Slashphoenix's efforts are magnified, when he gathers some wood to start a fire through shear thought, instead of starting a small flame he incinerates the small piece of wood. Seeing his new found power Slash tests the limits and finds that he can throw small fire balls of an extremely high temperature.

mwkelley after flipping off the ocean begins swinging his 2x4 around bashing it on a brown nut tree. A barrage of brown nuts falls from the tree hitting all around him, they pop open but don't cause any serious damage. However this does get a chuckle out of the rest of the team. Steamed about his misfortune mwkelley struts off in search of a small pig to call his dinner. Finding one, he chases into the jungle and beats it down. Just before he's able to savor his success he looks around him to see a 5ft tall mother Steelmane Boar. The Boar charges him and he manages to dodge out of the way but the sharp steel mane surrounding it cuts deeply into his leg wounding him. But managing to stand up and ready himself, he swings his cluebyfour straight down onto her head killing her. Proud of his haul mwkelley drags his catch back to camp.

Ish begins meditating and praying to his god posiedon. In his calm thought Ish is learning the ways of water magic, easily learning how to create small tentacles out of water that can hold stuff move small objects and even create a thin water whip. As he finishes his prayer a man walking on the water approaches you coming from outside the island. He too has a bitchin Poseidon like beard, a set of way-cool sunglasses and wearing a black leather jacket over a classic greek robe. "I am Broseidon the way cooler younger brother of Poseidon, I heard your call and I'm here to let you know that this island is under my protection. So all prayers pending should be sent to me, and I will totally let my brother know you called. Since I'm out here I'll give you my bitchin glasses, looks like you need em more than I do." with a raise of his hand a totally kick-ass Harley raises from the water and he rides it off into the sky. Ish puts on his new found pair of sunglasses and immediately notices a shiny light through the trees he never saw before. He gets the feeling the glasses are trying to show him something. (If you spend a turn following the light you will find what is on the other end).

Mike Fish begins construction of a hut, which he quickly finishes realizing how easy it was to make he makes one for each member of the party. His abilities of creation greatly increasing.
During construction he notices something at the tree line, a small furry creature standing there holding a spear. When mike makes any kind of movement the creature darts off back into the jungle but leaves his spear.

Jake Begins construction of a spear, first he searches for a proper stone for a spearhead. As he wanders the surf for a proper stone Jake notices a shimmery glint in the water. He reaches in and pulls out a dagger inlaid with ruby's. when he touches the blade his hand begins to burn, singeing it. finding this more than suitable he fashions this into his spear.

Your team ends the day with a piggy corpse, steelmane boar corpse, normal spear, sunglasses, and 5 huts.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Axis of Glorious Retribution Day One!

Making good use of the fine weather The Axis gets to work. Lightfufu begins by barking orders to his guild mates. Gathering materials Lightfufu sets out to begin construction on several structures. With a little luck he manages to create four rope and lumber huts about 10 feet in diameter. After feeling content in his job well done he begins meditating on the four elements, the element of fire coming to mind most often. The immutable flame of creation burning bright from deep within. Lightfufu learns to focus his will and create a small flame. As well as produce a thin jet of flame from his hand. As he trained Lightfufu noticed that the light from his lantern gave him clarity of mind and made his time much more productive.

BeckyD strolls onto shore with a sunny and cheerful nature, after creating a small one person teepee she whistfully strolls into the forest looking for wood. She enters the jungle and begins to pick up large sticks when a Jackal, black as night and burning red eyes jumps out at her. The very next moment just before the Jackal strikes out at her a 10 foot tall Frogbear lashes out with his tongue wrapping the Jackal up and rebounding straight into his mouth. The Frogbear slothfully munches away at his meal and BeckyD makes her escape with a bundle of wood. Having just nearly been a meal she decides to loosen up and practice her acrobatics, slipping her feet past her head, perfecting cart wheels and handsprings.

The Goop crafts a makeshift Lizardshark disguise out of leaves and vines. With a little knowledge of the Sharklizards back home he begins to communicate. With a series of tailwags he tells a smaller one in the pack that he is here to meet the leader, or was it fight the leader? A large Lizardshark with a crown upon his brow makes him self known with a large bellow and charges The Goop. But The Goop dodges out of the way. He knows that Lizardsharks fight a non-lethal battle when fighting for leadership but injuries are still likely to occur. (you can spend another turn and fight him, or you can run and use your full turn for other things).

Jeremy gathers some materials to create some basic construction tools. First using a some rope, wood and a rock to create a hammer. Chiseling at another rock to create a dagger, and fashioning saw out of some metal found in the wreckage. With these tools gathering other resources and crafting will become easier.

Meanwhile George masters the art of gathering, while gathering more sticks in the the jungle George comes across a spear sticking in the ground. Curios he picks it up and notices some movement as something vanishes into the underbrush, the thing had left behind another object, picking it up George acquires a map of the island on this map several spots are marked. On the map the three spots are marked, the shape of a stick man a day north of camp, the shape of a cave a day south of camp, the shape of a building a day east of camp.

At the end of the day your team ends up with more wood than it started with, two 10ft huts, and a teepee, a set of basic tools, a spear, and a map.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Adventure Begins!

-=The adventure begins=-

In the capital of Bro-tannia the king is giving a speech to his people, revealing the location of an island once thought to be mere legend. In the legend it is said that this island is home to the last Lionphoenix, and as everyone knows phoenix's make radical pets.

"I the king of Bro-tannia the most wicked-sweet lord of lords, proclaim that my wizards have discovered the island of legend. It has always been my dream to own this totally tubular bird as a pet. For any guild that brings me this bird alive I will reward them with my presence... and boatloads of gold. Cause every one likes gold, Seriously guys, gold up the wahzoo."

Upon hearing this every guild jumped at the chance. Everyone of them dreaming of being able to put gold in their wahzoo's. But being the cheap bastards they are, the guild leaders hired only the cheapest and unskilled labor, the most worthless barely sea-worthy boats, and bare minimum equipment. You were given orders by your respective guilds to obtain the Lionphoenix at all costs and told that in the legend the Lionphoenix lives inside of gigantic volcano. All the guilds rushed their boats out to sea and as you left your home on Bro-tannia you get the distinct impression that no one will miss you.

It was a long journey with many perils, passing through "The Chasm of Sea Krakens", Over the the "Under ocean", under the "luke warm gates". Then When within mere days of the end of your travel, the most brutal storm ever witnessed whips all the ships to shreds. After hours of heart pounding, adrenaline filled, survival instinct driven swimming you arrive or awaken on the coast of a tropical island. The colossal volcano looming ominously overhead.

Pieces of the torn up ship lay about the coast and while you see all your teammates you do not see any other teams, they may not have survived. You hear the screeching howl of some terrible beast off in the distance of the thick and life filled jungle.


The weather is sunny and hot!

-=things to note/updates=-

Your teams each start with 1 large pile of lumber and 1 large pile of rope.

You don't have to worry about food and drink in your turn posts, it is assumed that each character is getting enough of both while at base camp. If you are traveling or exploring it might be necessary to bring canteens and some food.

Post your turns on the team updates, the ones posted under the newest updates are the ones I will count for the next turn.

The dead lines for turns will be Friday at 11:59 pm.

The Axis of Glorious Retribution Arrives!

Your team awakens on the beach to the sight of Lizardsharks basking on the hot rocks while the tide is out, some of them are munching away on seagulls they caught. You've always wanted a vacation on a tropical island but not on one where your on the menu.

Lightfufu remembers that his guild leader gave him two parting gifts a "Sockmonkey of justice" and "Azure lantern". He told you they had some sort of hidden power, but you had know idea what he was talking about. You look around the wreckage for them and manage to find the Lantern but not the sockmonkey.

The trees just off of the coast are varied, some of them are long skinny trees with some sort of red and round fruit at the top. Then there are other smaller trees that hold tough brown nuts. Every once in a while the wind will blow them down from the trees and hit the ground if they happen to fall onto a rock you notice that they emmit a large pop sound and a small burst of air.

-=things to note=-

a list of up to date team resources including structres will be posted under the team rosters.

Post your turns here, you can talk strategy all you want but please make it

clear when your posting your actual turn. Have fun and be creative!

The Shark Shotguns Arrive!

Your team awakens on the coast and is taken with the natural beauty of the island. This is immediately interrupted when you see a cute little helpless pig creature, become the lunch of a vicious Jackal. It tears into his meal and drags it back beyond the tree line. Soon after you hear the howl of a much larger beast. Might this be a place where man is not the top of the food chain?

Slashphoenix remembers the items that the guild leader gave to him a "brass pocket watch" and a "wooden toy sword". He looks about and rifles through his pockets Slash finds the brass pocket watch but not the wooden toy sword. The leader said they had some sort of hidden power, but you have no idea what he meant.

The trees just off of the coast are varied, some of them are long skinny trees with some sort of red and round fruit at the top. Then there are other smaller trees that hold tough brown nuts. Every once in a while the wind will blow them down from the trees and hit the ground if they happen to fall onto a rock you notice that they Emmit a large pop sound and a small burst of air.

-=things to note=-

a list of up to date team resources including structures will be posted under
the team rosters.

Post your turns here, you can talk strategy all you want but please make it clear when your posting your actual turn. Have fun and be creative! Best of luck, here's hoping you don't end up like that cute little piggy.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Team Shark Shotgun - Game Prep

Welcome to Team Shark Shotgun. Your team leader is slashphoenix all this means is that he gets a special item at the start of the game. Whether or not you take orders from him is between him and you.

I'm not going to start just yet. This is mostly because I know there will be a few more people that might want to join and because I want you to at least say hey to your team mates. Also this gives you a chance to voice your opinion on the team leader, flag and team name. Over all I want the team leaders to make the decision but hopefully they will listen to your pleas. Also feel free to post any questions.

If there is a problem with team leaders I will handle it civilly and swiftly.

The Axis of Glorious Retribution - Game Prep

Welcome to the Axis of Glorious Retribution. Your team leader is Lightfufu all this means is that he gets a special item at the start of the game. Whether or not you take orders from him is between him and you.

I'm not going to start just yet. This is mostly because I know there will be a few more people that might want to join and because I want you to at least say hey to your team mates. Also this gives you a chance to voice your opinion on the team leader, flag and team name. Over all I want the team leaders to make the decision but hopefully they will listen to your pleas. Also feel free to post any questions.

If there is a problem with team leaders I will handle it civilly and swiftly.

Recruitment Drive!

I need players desperately! So post your wish to join the game. Once we have a sizable group (at least 10) we can then talk about how to divide you up into teams. One man teams are a possibility. As are teams with a hundred players, balancing isn't really an issue with me.

Just post in the comments and feel free to talk amongst yourselves and start to suss out teams, once teams are created you will need to elect (or serve in fear) a team leader eventually. Also teams or team leaders will need to decide on a team name, after all team 1 would be lame.

Also feel free to invite any friends to join, the more the merrier.

Welcome to Imagination Island

Welcome to the role playing game where anything is possible. Its pretty simple but I'll run through how the game is played.

All the players are divided into teams, the goal of the game is to be in control of the island seeing your enemy teams defeated, enslaved, what have you. The game is played in days and turns. One turn is what you the individual player can do in one day, the important thing to note here is YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Every new day I your god (the dm) will post what became of your posted actions. Its important to note what you post is what you want to happen, what I post is what actually happens. How much of your turn you devote to a single task will be related to how effective that action was. You can perform any number of actions or tasks but if you post too many all of them will suffer. It's a good idea to break up your actions/things you do into fractions to show how much time you reserve for certain actions.

All turns will be posted in the team threads and the deadlines for turns will be 11:59 pm the day before the next update. The game will be updated every two days from start.

During your turn you can attempt any action but a certain line of reasoning will be followed, this involves character progress and resources. A list of team resources will be kept on the team page any personal resources should be kept track of by the player.

You can join in any time, I will be hosting recruitment during the beginning but if you wish to join later fear not. Just pick a team and post, I'll add you to the roster next day.

Next begins recruitment.

For any person wishing to contact me for questions or behind the back deals even in game, contact me at imaginedm@gmail.com.

Dont forget to subscribe or unsubscribe to the blog so I can keep track of active players.