Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Team Shark Shotgun - Game Prep

Welcome to Team Shark Shotgun. Your team leader is slashphoenix all this means is that he gets a special item at the start of the game. Whether or not you take orders from him is between him and you.

I'm not going to start just yet. This is mostly because I know there will be a few more people that might want to join and because I want you to at least say hey to your team mates. Also this gives you a chance to voice your opinion on the team leader, flag and team name. Over all I want the team leaders to make the decision but hopefully they will listen to your pleas. Also feel free to post any questions.

If there is a problem with team leaders I will handle it civilly and swiftly.


  1. Mo' like I'll handle it with a swift knife to the throat...

    Welcome to team Shark Shotgun. We're going to make this island and everything on it our bitch. Any questions?

  2. Woot, and we've got Ish and Fish as our fellow grunts. An uglier bunch of motherstabbers this island has never seen.

    Our motto shall be: "WITH YOUR SHARK, OR ON IT."

  3. I'm cool with the flag and the motto. Alright team, what's the plan? Do we want to tech up or just start by immediately become badasses? Although I suppose waiting to see what's in store for us on this island might be in order.

  4. "Ultima Ratio Carcharodon," said the Ish, sliding another 3 inch magnum into his Remington.

  5. Also, for your enjoyment: Shark-Knife.


  6. Hister Von Helstrom: "Greetings underprivileged miscreants! Hopefully you are enjoying your stay on this majestic hell hole? I understand you're also in search of a certain creature...

    Mayhap, the Lionphoenix? That would be unfortunate, as The Axis of Glorious Retribution is already well on it's way towards securing her. Or him, if it has a penis. It may have both, come to think of it...

    Anyway! Enjoy your brief stay on this lush, tropical paradise before being eaten alive by the indigenous wildlife. Now if you'll excuse me, I have beautiful native women to find, and impregnate. Oh, and that Lionphoenix thing too. Not to impregnate it. Just...oh hell.

    Say my name!"