Saturday, March 13, 2010

Team Shark Shotgun Day One!

Team Sharkshotgun starts the day off with a bang as Slashphoenix begins training in powerful fire magic. With the careful ticking of the pocketwatch Slashphoenix's efforts are magnified, when he gathers some wood to start a fire through shear thought, instead of starting a small flame he incinerates the small piece of wood. Seeing his new found power Slash tests the limits and finds that he can throw small fire balls of an extremely high temperature.

mwkelley after flipping off the ocean begins swinging his 2x4 around bashing it on a brown nut tree. A barrage of brown nuts falls from the tree hitting all around him, they pop open but don't cause any serious damage. However this does get a chuckle out of the rest of the team. Steamed about his misfortune mwkelley struts off in search of a small pig to call his dinner. Finding one, he chases into the jungle and beats it down. Just before he's able to savor his success he looks around him to see a 5ft tall mother Steelmane Boar. The Boar charges him and he manages to dodge out of the way but the sharp steel mane surrounding it cuts deeply into his leg wounding him. But managing to stand up and ready himself, he swings his cluebyfour straight down onto her head killing her. Proud of his haul mwkelley drags his catch back to camp.

Ish begins meditating and praying to his god posiedon. In his calm thought Ish is learning the ways of water magic, easily learning how to create small tentacles out of water that can hold stuff move small objects and even create a thin water whip. As he finishes his prayer a man walking on the water approaches you coming from outside the island. He too has a bitchin Poseidon like beard, a set of way-cool sunglasses and wearing a black leather jacket over a classic greek robe. "I am Broseidon the way cooler younger brother of Poseidon, I heard your call and I'm here to let you know that this island is under my protection. So all prayers pending should be sent to me, and I will totally let my brother know you called. Since I'm out here I'll give you my bitchin glasses, looks like you need em more than I do." with a raise of his hand a totally kick-ass Harley raises from the water and he rides it off into the sky. Ish puts on his new found pair of sunglasses and immediately notices a shiny light through the trees he never saw before. He gets the feeling the glasses are trying to show him something. (If you spend a turn following the light you will find what is on the other end).

Mike Fish begins construction of a hut, which he quickly finishes realizing how easy it was to make he makes one for each member of the party. His abilities of creation greatly increasing.
During construction he notices something at the tree line, a small furry creature standing there holding a spear. When mike makes any kind of movement the creature darts off back into the jungle but leaves his spear.

Jake Begins construction of a spear, first he searches for a proper stone for a spearhead. As he wanders the surf for a proper stone Jake notices a shimmery glint in the water. He reaches in and pulls out a dagger inlaid with ruby's. when he touches the blade his hand begins to burn, singeing it. finding this more than suitable he fashions this into his spear.

Your team ends the day with a piggy corpse, steelmane boar corpse, normal spear, sunglasses, and 5 huts.


  1. MY TURN
    = = = =

    I awaken to the sound of distant thunder.

    As wake-ups go, I regard that wake-up as pretty fuckin a'right. A brewing storm is always a sure omen that your day is about to get fairly metal, even if you *are* shipwrecked on Imagination Island.

    First: With a well-practiced smoothing motion, I return my pillow-mussed fauxhawk back to its original razor-sharp edge. Then: I get up to start my day.

    Speaking of "razor-sharp"... I shriek like a Jonas Brothers fangirl and clutch my sliced-up right thigh, groggily remembering yesterday's epic boar battle right *after* the moment I put my weight on it. Hope no one else was awake to hear that... I stifle a wimper and try to work up a manly pain-scowl instead as I rip off a loose bit of t-shirt and use it re-bandage the wound.

    Using the ol' Clue-By-Four as a crutch, I limp on over to SlashPhoenix's fire pit in the center of camp, and say with pride to my assembled bros: "Hey, any of you dudes wanna see my leg wound? Cuz, listen, I'm not gonna lie to you... it is pretty gnar."

    "Yep," I add, assuming a posture of maximum chillaxation, "looks like I'll be takin' it E-Z today..." It's at this moment that the five furry natives burst into camp.

    It's a scene of general confusion for awhile, but eventually something clicks... "Hey," I yell, "that's a rocket-propelled piranha launcher! These dudes are trying to sell us our own stuff! C'mere you!"

    I grab my lumber and make a hostile step towards the nearest furrball, which (I assume) raises some consternation (to say the least), but a fresh burst of leg-pain reminds me that I'm in no shape to fight today... and anyway, these guys seem pretty okay. Maybe a different approach...

    Brilliant! "Shark Shotgun team huddle!" I shout, dragging whoever is nearby into a circle. Then I lay out my plan: "OK, I think we should feed these guys. I *totally* saw this in a movie once. There's a storm comin' and we're gonna get our asses soaked if we stay out here on the beach. BUT, if we give the little Ewok dudes some food, maybe they'll become our friends, and they'll, like, take us back to their enchanted forest hideaway and totally help us beat Darth Vader. Oh, and uh, find the Lionphoenix. That too."

    "What do you think?"

    = = =

    Basically, if you guys want to go along with this (very ridiculous) scheme, I'll go on to propose that we combine our skills and Slash's fire powers to impress the furry natives with an epic boar-roast luau, in hopes that they'll become our allies. Who knows... could work?

    If that's the plan, then I'll spend 50% of my day recuperating, and the other 50% of my day doing that.

    If not, then I'll spend 50% of my day recuperating, and the other 50% augmenting my weapon. I'll try jamming some of those razor-sharp steel bristles from the Steelmane Boar corpse into one end of my 2x4... thus turning a run of the mill Clue-by-Four into a SUPER BOAR-GORE CLUE-BY-FOUR.

    = = =

    The whole concept of "Broseidon" cracks me up. +INFINITY POINTS, Jeff. I think it'd be even funnier if no one else can see Broseidon except Ish-- sort of like Caprica Six from BSG only, ya know, awesomer.

  2. MY TURN

    Once again, I awake screaming... No. Wait, my screams are manly and filled with bitchin' holy rage. This is more high pitched, almost womanly... are the Joan Ass Brahs playing a concert nearby? I rise from my sleeping mat, run a few fingers through my beard, and pull away the tarp that covers the entrance to my hut. Staring out over the ocean, I pull out my Celestial Raybans™:

    "Red sky at morning," I say, and then slide the glasses on, "Sailors take warning."


    The mental tug of the awesome guitar riff prompts me to turn around, facing into the center of camp. A quick glance further inland
    confirms that Something Odd™ is still out there. It will have to wait.

    "Hey, any of you dudes wanna see my leg wound?" asks mwkelly, "Cuz, listen, I'm not gonna lie to you... it is pretty gnar."

    "Righteous, brah." I say, removing my shades, "That's going to leave a bitchin' scar. But you better let me have a look at it before things -" I replace the shades, "Get funky."


    The shades now back on, I see the faintest glowing aura around the wound, a few pieces of storm-beached seaweed, and suddenly things just click. I begin to combine the two with some salt water into a healing poultice. It bubbles, burbles, and generally smells like ass... but it'll do the trick. Unfortunately, my alchemy takes my attention, and I utterly fail to notice the arrival of the natives.

    "Shark Shotgun team huddle!" mwkelly shouts, I huddle uo and listen as he lays out his plan. "What do you think?"

    "Brah, and um, bros, these shades were a gift from the gods. Well, a god... and while I totally want to get our stuff back, I ain't giving away these specs." I explain, "Lets play things cool. Chill. Try to get the little dudes on our side all friendly-like. If that fails, we can totally just beat `em up and take their stuff."


    Hey, if I'm going to be a cleric of Broseidon, I might as well learn some healing spells, so I'm going to spend half a turn helping Mike with his leg, by whipping up a potion. I'm also down for his luau-thanksgiving scheme.

  3. Oooh, I just got another clever (or "clever") idea: At the luau, we could offer up the pig-creature & the prime ribs of the boar as a burnt offering to Broseidon-- he's a greek god and he likes barbecue right?-- and convince him to divert the storm away from our beach and hit the other side of the island extra-hard.

    Whaddaya think? Ish?

  4. MY TURN

    Now that I can shoot fireballs from my hands (while whispering "hadouken" to myself every time with a small, girlish giggle) I make sure start a fire to cook our food for the day, hopefully making it all the more delicious, and to assist with the aforementioned pig roast. I believe Bro-seidon might smile upon us if we start sacrificing people to him, although maybe we should ask what he wants first, cuz he might be on a vegetarian diet.

    Then, I head off to study the element of earth, training myself to move the sand, the rock, and the soil, to grow plants and destroy my enemies. I want to be able to harden my skin against any attack defensively, or to get Mr. Bigfist on people with giant rock hands. I also want to practice large-scale rock manipulation for contstruction purposes, like digging and building walls, because I feel like it'd be totally bitching to build a city through sheer channeling of nature.

    I decide to ignore the traders, since I like having an awesome old-school watch and I don't know what the hell a sockmonkey is.


    Bitchin' leg wound, man. And now you've got a full turn 'cuz Ish is such a nice guy. Maybe we can attract the natives with a delicious pig roast...

  5. @Ish

  6. "Just 5 more minutes mother." I groan as I hear the shrill cry of a woman in the distance. Wait a minute, I'm on an island, no mother around. Strange. After getting up I see that it looks to be raining soon. "Just great. Stupid luck never making things easy..."

    I continue grumble as I see the guy with the club nursing a rather bitchin wound, and the bearded sunglasses dude helping bind up the wound. Our fearless leader seemed to ignore all of us.

    When the natives arrive I watch with interest, until I see that they want nothing I have. "Fine, whatever. I didn't want any of your cool stuff anyway." as I walk back to my hut. First I take the spear I found yesterday, and after putting a hole in the non-pointy end, tie a rope to the back to make a harpoon. Hell yah. I then do a quick lookover of the huts to make sure thy should stand up to the storm. I'm confident that they are, but always make sure the work is sound they said in my architecture class in the Royal Arcane Academy. Or maybe it was my math class... Can't really remember due to all those mana supplements.

    I spend the rest of the night whittling the bones of the giant boar Mike Kelley killed. Making some dice and lots. Maybe they'll turn my luck around. At the very least they'll help curb my boredom.

  7. After finishing my Burning Spear Of Doom, I decide that some training is in order. After all, the Lord Of The Jungle will not be a pushover, and I should hone my abilities to their utmost in order to defeat him. I spend the day training with spear and knife, so that when the flimsy wood is inevitably broken, I can finish the job with my Burning Knife Of Doom.