Friday, March 19, 2010

The Axis of Glorious Retribution Day two!

The wind of the approaching storm rips through camp and Lightfufu begins making preparations. The team hastily begins strengthening the structures.

Lightfufu with the help of his lantern is able to help with the huts, meditate on his fire magic, and learn some unarmed combat katas. Not only was Lightfufu able to learn how to fire off small but white hot fireballs, but he was also able to do it as he threw a punch. The Natives were saddened that they could not make a trade and a few even seemed angry. But after offering them a pile of lumber three of them leave behind one extra spear and happily take thier new pile of wood back into the jungle.

BeckyD helps out around camp and begins yet another day of grueling athletics training. During her acrobatic work out she perfects flips and handsprings even learning how to use her arms and legs to equal effectiveness. Through her rigorous training she has come to learn a great deal about her self. BeckyD has the greatest potential for stealth and subterfuge in her team.

The Goop during his confrontation with the Lizardshark king manages to convince all of the lizardsharks that he a a dark and powerful god that should be feared and worshiped. In awe of the display they cower in fear and begin bowing and some how all don purple cultist robes. They begin practicing dark rites and sacrificing half of there catches to The Goop. The Goop now has all the fish, gulls, and catlobsters he could ever want. and a fiercely loyal entourage of cultist lizardsharks.

Stalkerfufu after helping secure the camp for the storm continues to gather supplies. Heading deeper into the jungle he comes across various sizes of rocks and brings them back to camp each time and heads deeper and deeper with each trek back in. Eventualy he stumbles upon a building carved out of stone. the door is covered with debris from the cliff it is carved into and the fact that there are no trails means no one has been to this site in a very long time. Unable to do anything with the debris alone he heads back to camp to tell his team. Not long after he digs a small trench around the camp. After his gathering expedition Stalkerfufu learns a great deal about him self, learning that he is very average in all tasks but is the best gatherer in the team.

Jeremy works to secure his structure and transform it into an area for a forge. Getting about 2/3rds of the work done. (if you spend one half of a normal turn it will be done) Even though it is not done yet, you are proud of the work the work you've accomplished and beleive that the forge will be of top quality when done.

(Jeremy I couldn't quite understand if you posted your turn or not so I added this in for you in the future please make it more apparent what your turn entails. You can add a "my turn" braket or add more assurance to the post with words like "I do this" and "I will spend my action doing blah".)

Your team ended the turn with: 3 spears, secured huts, forge(almost done), Pack of cultist Lizardsharks, 1 pile of rocks, whereabouts for a abandoned temple.


  1. ((Accepting plans for this turn. Facebook or AIM(Wlwit)))

  2. "Ok team. There is a varitable shit storm going on out there. Try to stay indoors, stay dry and make sure to change your socks...You can do pretty much what you want for today. When the weather clears up I think we should get a group to go explore a bit. The group will consist of myself, Becky and Goop. Jeremy and Stalker stay back and continue to fortify the camp. So says team leader!"

    My Turn:
    With the elements of water and wind howling loudly, I'm going to attempt to commune and unlock the use of both of them.

  3. Upon the start of the next day, I continue gathering large flat rocks. After several hours, I believe I have enough to build a small structure, placing the largest one in the center. I take a smaller one and start throwing it at the ground to try and break it up. As they crack in two, I throw them into a pile of similar rocks. Then journey back inland to see if I can find some sort of large vine or string to secure the rocks to sticks.

  4. My turn: as the storm continues to grow closer, I will set my newly converted flock of Lizardshark cultist to work collecting as many of the local herbs and rare plants that they can, drawing rudimentary pictures of them in the sand of the beach. I want them all back toward the shelter of the rocks, or trees, or wherever they protect themselves by the time the storm rolls in.

    While the storm rages outside, I will be safely tucked away inside one of the shelters on the beach, tending to a small cookfire, attempting to blend together some of those herbs and whatever else I can find into some sort of tonic, or potion, or supplement that can be given to the other members of my team (or, primarily the cultists) to make them faster, or stronger, or smarter - but more importantly, to get them high as fuck.

    Ladies and gentleman, the magical, drug dealing lizardshark cult leader is IN.

  5. I will finish working on the forge and then work on more advanced tools with the rest of my day.