Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Axis of Glorious Retribution Day Four!

Team Axis is thankful for the quiet after the storm. The warm rays of the sun much appreciated over the howling winds of the terrible squall. Realizing that several of his teammates are in need Lightfufu wastes no time, and immediately begins problem solving.

Awakening inside the cave Stalkerfufu notices he is now completely alone, the native as left him and there is no trace of a trail. Tending to his wound Stalkerfufu successfully cleans and bandages it. The wound causes a slight amount of pain but at least he isn't injured anymore. Looking around the cave he notices that this cave isn't purely natural there is evidence that the cave walls have been worked. Using some of the embers from the fire the native left and sticks and underbrush stalkerfufu puts together a small torch and goes deeper into the cave. The deeper into the cave he goes the more the stone around him becomes worked, transforming into a hallway with imperfect 90 degree angles. Finally he reaches a arch way with two pillars carved out of the walls. A stone figurehead of a Lionphoenix carved at the top of the arch way is posed to look like it is jumping down on anyone who enters. Continuing past the archway the cave opens up into a large room with a 30 foot stone door at one end and a stone alter in the middle. All around him on the walls, ceiling and floor are pictographs of man shaped pictures worshiping the the Lionphoenix and as the pictures progress a giant bat like man creature is depicted destroying their village. The alter is stained blood but by the looks of it is very old and well preserved. In the alter is a ornamental dagger, carved with similar symbols as those around you. When you touch the blade your skin instantly frosts, it does no damage but if you had left it there it would have. There is one large symbol carved into the door and you get the distinct impression that it is a warning.

Lightfufu warms up with some katas then gives a rousing speech and heads out mounting a rescue search of stalkerfufu. Looking at the map he see's the symbol of the cave believing this to be the best place to start his search he heads south. Spending much of the day to reach the cave, Lightfufu arrives and notices the vestiges of a fire. Using his fire magic to create a torch Lightfufu heads into the cave and catches up with Stalkerfufu.

BeckyD overwhelmed by her sickness and injury spends her day laying on the ground, one of the Lizardshark cultists tends to her wounds with a "high as fuck healing salve". Suddenly she feels all better in fact not only that but manages to have a rousing conversation with one of the lizardsharks and a grasshopper. The grasshopper bounces away saying something about being late to a band practice and the lizardshark has to get back to his dark rites so that his bloodthristy god won't shred his soul and use his innards as play things. (BeckyD is now uninjured and unsickened).

The Goop takes to the jungle searching for more potent chemicals and exploring deeper into the jungle. With his small platoon of Lizardsharks he makes his way farther inland. Encountering but making quick work of Monkeyspiders and Montypythons. Chewing on the memory enhancing leaf he remembers his first day of "Defense against the Awesome arts" when his teacher saw potential in him and decided to reveal himself as a practitioner of the awesome arts and take The Goop under his wing. The Goop remembers his first spell "Fuckis Upis" a spell designed to totally fuck the enemy straight up. Towards the end of the day they come across a trail that when followed leads to a native village.

Jeremy spends the day innovating now that the forge is up and running. Jeremy creates nails and screws, bolts, saws, drills, hammers, and many other advanced tools. Now he is able to create all sorts of structures and objects. Also looking at the brown nuts that explode he comes up with a simple design for a non-lethal gun that fires the nuts. And creates one such item.

Your team ends the day with: -1 healing salve, advanced tools, frost dagger, pop nut gun.


  1. The first one to bust a nut over the other team wins.

  2. ((So did I find Stalker? Do i operate under the assumption that we now have to enter the door clearly marked as "Do not enter"?))

  3. "Lightface heads into the cave and catches up with Stalkerfufu."

    I thought that was fairly straight forward.


  5. "Stalker! I'm so glad I found you! you wandered away from the camp during that storm and didn't come back, I was starting to get worr...oh hey a door...and...and is that a sacrificial pedestal?! Where the hell are we? My gods...these poor people were prey for these, bat things... They must have worshiped the Lionphoenix because it was a predator to these bat things...We'll have to be sure to install some sort of Anti-Air defense in the base when we're able to. This door intrigues me more right now. Stalker you seem to fine, so you're welcome to join me or go back to base but i'm going to explore further here."

    My Turn

    Coming close to the door i'm going ot concentrate on listening. Trying to block out all other sounds to try and hear behind the door. Once i'm relatively sure that it's "safe" I'm going to enter the door if it's unlocked, or blow a hole in the wall if it's unmovable. Once inside i'll be keeping my guard high, trying to feel nature around me in order to provoke some sort of danger senses. If even for one second my instincts tell me that something is swooping from above to try and carry be off into the darkness to do mean awful things to my body, i'll be at the ready with fire,wind and water to defend myself and my comrade if he comes with me. I'm looking for more clues about the lionphoenix, more magical artifacts, or really anything that might be of use to anybody in our group.

  6. I awake and do my stretches for the day feeling much better than the days previous. I work on my moves before wandering around checking the stability of the houses. I think to myself how we need a plan to get to the middle of the island. I grab a tool and make my way into the woods. I go as quietly as I can though the brush practicing my stelthiness. I make a ring around camp petrology the edges for anything or anyone.

  7. With a loud crash the tree was torn asunder. The blade on his wrist wirred to a stop, fanned closed and disappeared back into the armor. With a flick of the wrist the fingers on the gloves flick into spikes allowing him to easily toss into the stack rapidly growing in his other arm. "that should be enough for now." He thought and began to head back to camp. After a few steps he realized he wasn't alone. A small group of poindextrian warriors quickly sprung from all around him.
    "Surrender and we will make this quick!" their leader shouted as his platoons leveled all their weapons.
    "how about you drop your weapons, and you can walk away with your lives?" Said a voice from deep within the armor.
    "We have you surrounded and out nu" his words where cut short as the small forest was thrown on top of him. Before the poindextrian's could react a belt fired large quantities of the exploding nuts in all directions stunning them. The whirring blades and claws were useful for combat as well. Wiping it self clean the armor reacquired its prize and launched it self back toward camp and landed with a loud thump, loud enough to wake him from his own dream.
    "I need one of those!" he said sitting up from his sleep and immediately began working.

  8. Sorry i was a little late, just got off work a little bit ago

  9. With my turn, I will be visiting the native villiage and meeting with the chieftain and the wisewoman. I will be displaying my Children, and then blowing one of them up as a show of force.

  10. I believe Lightfufu has it covered, so I walk out of the cave. In the day light, I seem a little disoriented, not seeing real sunlight in a day or two. I decide that the only way to really see this island, and understand it is to explore it more. Iwalk down the path closer to the camp, then break off and go deeper into the jungle.


  11. As I pound away, I realize I will need an extensive power source to run such a machine and spend the rest of the day working on forms of gathering energy (solar power(could make solar panels from silicon in the sand), using an oil extracted from the explosive nuts, Usage of the bio-magnetic field)

  12. I think I will focus on channeling my own bio magnetic field for power allowing me to use it as a control method as well as power and the other sources as supplement. To attempt to increase the out put of my bio magnetic field I will attempt to focus it on a nail floating in water attempting to magnetize it so it works like a compass, then when i have a feel for it attempt to pull and repel pieces of metal from myself.