Monday, March 22, 2010

Team Shark Shotgun Day Three!

Team Sharkshotgun has the worst day of their lives. Or at least they would be if it wasn't for the good graces of a certain god. In reality the team has a relatively boring day.

Ish went looking to spice up his training by doing so in typhoon level winds and waves. After whipping together a crude fist weapon from boar bones he wades into the ocean. Punch after punch is thrown at the storm and continually met with the same response of being nearly drowned to death. Finaly when Ish had all but had enough he raises his fist one last time and stops just short of punching the wave when it is halted in it's tracks. Ish then proceeds to give it two for flinching. After his training he realizes that he is stronger and no longer suffers any penalties while fighting in water.

Slashphoenix spends some of his time honing is earth magic and begins to realize some things about himself. He is the best in his team at fire and earth magic and has the highest intelligence. Slash learns how to better control earth able to move it swiftly to attack people, and raise and lower large areas, small amounts. He can create complex images out of earth and even move it around underneath him to bring certain sections that contain ores and metals up to the surface. The rest of his turn is spent molding a structure into a smithy, with the help of mike fish he does so adequately.

The team sees mwkelley chilling out and surfing and having a good ol' time. But in one of his search dives he manages to find two crates one that says "Sharkshotguns: mw's Green Day CD's", and the other says "Pointdexteria: crate of 20 well made machetes". hauling these up from the briny deep took a great effort but by mid afternoon you had them up on shore for everyone to see.

Jake deciding to take a page from Ish heads off into the stormy jungle then he fights his way to a cliff side wind whipping, waves crashing, lightening thrashing across the sky. Training his body and skill with a spear and dagger on the cliff side some epic 80's montage music ques up in the background. The training is very effective. Suddenly the storm jostles a large load of the tough brown nuts and the force from their popping combined with the wind pushes him off of the cliff side tumbling down to the ocean below. managing to swim to safety you return to the camp only to discover that your arm is broken. In you training you learn about yourself and the rest of the team and discover that you are the best in the team with a spear and are equally strong with mwkelley. you are wounded.

Mike Fish spends a productive day helping slash with the creation of the smithy and honing his own skill with the harpoon. By the end of the day Mike is easily able to spear a fish, doing so many times over the course of the day.

your team ends the day with: Jake(wounded), Pacifists, Forge and smithy, green day cds, 20 machetes, 5 fish.


  1. In the night, the last rumbles of thunder from the phat pipes of Broseidon's God-Harley fade into the distance. At dawn, the weather is bright & clear.

    Slash calls the team together, and a large stone table and chairs magically rises out of the sand. Ish unfurls the map of the island. I stab a machete down through it, just 'cause that seems to be the most dramatic way to hold down a treasure map on a windy day.

    "See that?" I say, pointing to the pocket-calculator logo embossed on the handle. "Pointdexterians! Man, I can almost taste their gross nerd-sweat on the breeze. All the more reason to explore the island before those dweeblings beat us to it. Who's with me?"

    When Mr. Fish insists on coming along to search for minerals, I say "I like your moxie, bro. It might get rough out there, but stay close to us and you'll be fine. Here, take one o' these." I hand Fish a trusty machete, then toss one to each of the other Sharkshotgunners. (I scoop up 5 more to take along as trade goods, and leave the rest in a pile by the forge.)

    When the crew's ready to go, I throw my steelmane pelt around my shoulders, load myself up with a coil of rope, the box of CDs, 6 machetes, and my trusty Clue-by-Four, and we set off into the jungle...

    Once we reach the fuzzy natives' camp (if we can reach it before nightfall) I'll spend the rest of the evening chilling with the locals and doing whatever I can to hock our goods & CDs. If necessary, I will go so far as to perform an air-guitar rendition of the Brotannian National Anthem (ie "Welcome to Paradise" from Green Day's 1992 breakout album 'Kerplunk'). If that doesn't impress them... *sigh* I'll open up a CD and show how very shiny they are, and demonstrate their potential use as signal mirrors.

    Mainly I'd like to get our hands on that piranha launcher, but also some basic adventuring supplies for the journey ahead: canteens, a compass, hairgel, etc...

    = = = = = =

    I picture it as some of us going out and some of us staying behind to keep building up the camp. But if everyone wants to go, I'd be cool with that too. I'm leaving it up to you guys, with the Cap'n having the final say of course.

  3. =MY TURN=

    I ponder our course of action during the pow-wow, and nod in silent and stoic agreement with mwkelly's plan.

    I leave the Pointdexterian machete behind; clerics of Broseidon are limited to bludgeoning weapons, its not that I couldn't use, it just looks more badass to beat down heretic with a big stick, large mallet, or the PaciFists(tm). Although, before I leave it behind, I use it to hack a small sapling into a suitable walking stick.

    Before we leave the beach and completly vanish into the treeline, I signal everybody to halt and huddle up.

    "Bros, a blessing from Broseidon..." I turn back to face the ocean, and begin to pray:

    We're the world's most fearsome fighting guild,
    (We're really hip!)
    We're named for the shotguns we weild
    (Hey - get a grip!)
    When the nerdy Pointdexters attack
    We Shark Shotgun bros don't cut `em no slack!

    Team Shark Shotgun!
    Team Shark Shotgun!

    Broseidon taught Ish to cast spells,
    (He's cool like that!)
    Slashphoenix leads, Mike Fish forges things,
    (That's a fact, jack!)
    Mwkelly is hard to say,
    (But, anyway...)
    Jake's got gnarly wound,

    Team Shark Shotgun!
    Team Shark Shotgun!
    Heroes with shotguns!
    Shark Power!

  4. I approve of this expedition!! However, I will stay behind for today whilst my stalwart crew goes out and explores the island for the glory of Team Shark Shotgun.

    Today, after my typical daily regime of flexing a lot and looking manly and cool, I'm going to borrow whatever machetes have been left behind, as well as a few Green Day CDs, and use my supreme intelligence to try and infuse the weapons with the power of fire, earth, and punk rock. With badass magic music machetes of awesome, our team will be able to channel pure manliness to defeat our foes.

    I enchant a weapon or two with awesomeness, and when I'm done with that, I start laying out my plans for developing a defensive fortress for our team, probably fortified with badass Warcraft Orc spikes and maybe flamethrowing turrets.

    I suggest you guys take some of the fish that Mike Fish with you for the journey. You may find them... useful.

  5. SlashPhoenix, Awesome LeaderMarch 23, 2010 at 1:12 PM

    Oh yea, someone practiced healing, right? You might wanna heal Jake if he's going on the expidition...


    Oh, right, I cast Cure Light Wounds (and Venereal Diseases) on Jake at some point during the morning pow-wow.

  7. Does it also cure the Sanity damage caused by getting the TMNT theme song stuck in your head? :P

    And sure, boss, we'll take Fish's fish too. Though we don't really have any way to keep 'em fresh... You could flash-dry them into fish jerky maybe(?)

  8. A broken arm is no deterrent to the determined! Knowing that I have to give the limb SOME rest, i decide to spend my time doing one arm push-ups with the unbroken arm to strengthen myself, and after that I go running/jogging to build up endurance. If the arm heals on this turn I will also perform one armed push ups with the newly healed limb to help strengthen it.

  9. I awake and gather up everything I need for the journey. Grabbing my harpoon, a machete, my dice, and the fish. I leave the toaster back at the camp. As we travel I keep an eye out for different rock and clay types for future building, soil good for growing plants, various fruit plants, especially citrus type fruits, and any caves that may hold useful minerals and metals.

    All of this information will be useful, I think, once I can finally start putting my talents beyond simple crafting and into my true study, that of SCIENCE!!!! Mad Science, that is.

    When we get to the natives camp(assuming we make it in one day) I'll question the natives as to the surrounding landscape to supplement my knowledge gathering, and otherwise just try to be friendly, allowing the others to handle the trading.