Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Shark Shotguns Arrive!

Your team awakens on the coast and is taken with the natural beauty of the island. This is immediately interrupted when you see a cute little helpless pig creature, become the lunch of a vicious Jackal. It tears into his meal and drags it back beyond the tree line. Soon after you hear the howl of a much larger beast. Might this be a place where man is not the top of the food chain?

Slashphoenix remembers the items that the guild leader gave to him a "brass pocket watch" and a "wooden toy sword". He looks about and rifles through his pockets Slash finds the brass pocket watch but not the wooden toy sword. The leader said they had some sort of hidden power, but you have no idea what he meant.

The trees just off of the coast are varied, some of them are long skinny trees with some sort of red and round fruit at the top. Then there are other smaller trees that hold tough brown nuts. Every once in a while the wind will blow them down from the trees and hit the ground if they happen to fall onto a rock you notice that they Emmit a large pop sound and a small burst of air.

-=things to note=-

a list of up to date team resources including structures will be posted under
the team rosters.

Post your turns here, you can talk strategy all you want but please make it clear when your posting your actual turn. Have fun and be creative! Best of luck, here's hoping you don't end up like that cute little piggy.


  1. MY TURN

    I begin by scouting the immediate area for danger, and then decide that the best course of action for our team would be able to defend ourselves. Having heard rumors of magicians able to control the very nexus of the earth itself, I begin to meditate. I listen to the nature around me, feel the wind on my skin and the heat of the sun. I try and channel these elements into my being, so that I can utilize them at will. I begin with the heat of the sun, the fire of creation and destruction. Without the sun, we would be lifeless, but with the unbound power of fire we may also find our end. If possible, I gather some nearby wood and try to start a fire through sheer force of will and channeled nature. Hopefully, if I start a fire, our team can use it to our advantage.

    In essence: I start by meditating to gain fire-powers. I want to be able to shoot badass fireballs and create fire, which may help our construction and survival.


    Do what you want this turn, but try and prepare yourself for the future. Get well-equipped, train in combat, or start developing technology. If you get to ahead of yourself and start bounding towards the volcano, we might die :/

    The King sounds awesome. I want to drink with him sometime.

    1) Start construction on a campsite and shelters for defensive purposes. Don't forget, we have wood and rope, so get creative with 'em.
    2) Build yourself weapons and tools if you want with the wood, or possibly with rocks/ore/metal we discover on the island.
    3) Let's develop some technology after we establish a base camp. I'm thinking fires/forges while searching for metal, rocks or ore that we can smelt into iron/steel weaponry.

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  4. MY TURN

    Finding myself beached most egregiously on the shore of this, like, totally remote and deserted island, I begin by clearing the sand from my mouth, nose, and whazoo. I then stand and turn to face the crashing waves-- wind whipping through my total sweet faux-hawk-- solemnly raise my right hand toward the raging ocean, and flip it the bird SO HARD.

    NEXT, I go off to arm myself from the team's equipment stash, hoping beyond hope that our cache of state-of-the-art shark shotguns, laser-sighted snake rifles, and shoulder-firing rocket-propelled-piranha launchers were not lost at sea...

    I arrive at our supply pile to find... Rope. And lumber. (sigh) I note with chagrin that even the captain's bitchin' wooden toy sword has gone missing (which I had been secretly coveting for the entire voyage, especially during that whole Sea Kraken dealio).

    I briefly debate the weapony merits of rope vs wood. I imagine myself fashioning a lariat all cowboy-style, impressing the ladies with my fancy lasso tricks and expert cattle-roping abilities... I then dismiss this idea as "pretty gay" and grab myself a big-ass 2x4-- a.k.a. The CLUE-BY-FOUR-- and get to work.

    First: I get warmed up by laying an epic smackdown upon one of the small trees with the tough brown nuts. Next, I turn my lumbery rage against a red fruit tree, carefully judging the hew and heft of the Clue-by-Four as it thhhhwaaacks into the bark. Finally, as my confidence in my way-brutal twobyfourmanship grows, I patrol the beach and treeline looking for another of those little helpless pig-creatures to pummel into dinner...


    Basically, I'm thinkin' that I'll try & make my character a master of wooden weaponry, and maybe harvest some food/supplies in the process. Despite my wise crack about lasso tricks, I think it'd actually be kind of ironic and awesome if another guy on the team became a master of rope-based weaponry... just a free suggestion. :)

    (also, I'm thinking my updates won't always be this elaborate, so don't worry. I'm just settin' the scene.)


    That was a damn fine intro, Jeff. I'm psyched. :D

  5. I am humbled by the awesomeness of your post. This team is going to kick all sorts of ass.

  6. MY TURN

    The waves crash against the shore, depositing me along with a few crabs... I stand, a remove one crustacean which had been clinging to my wahzoo. I turn to face the island, wringing water from my bitchin' Poseidon-like beard. Only to see some dude on the shore giving me the bird.

    Stomping onto the dry - or drier - land, I reach from my sidearm. Simultaneously realizing that my weapon was missing and the offending island native was my trusty companion, I busy myself in heaping profanity upon the idiots that built our boat.

    As the tirade of vulgarities beings to taper, I notice that my companions have begun to meditate or scrounge for supplies...

    Decided to make myself useful for something beyond swearing, I sit down in the pounding surf and begin to meditate... the bitchin' Poseidon-like beard being not just for show, but a mark of my inner magical connection to the Greco-Roman-Disneyesque Deity of the Deep.

    In essence: I start by meditating to gain water-powers. I want to be able to manipulate weather, talk to the animals, and do the other water mage stuff, which ought to help our survival on an island.

    After that, I'm willing to lend a pair of hands (and a bitchin' beard) to any projects that need it.


  8. So you're going to be aquaman. Sweet.

    (j/k j/k)

  9. Love the beard. :) If each of us gives our guy a distinct characteristic, it'll make us a heck of a lot easier to tell apart when Jeff draws us all as stick figures.

  10. "Welcome to the island! My name is Phoenix, Slash Phoenix, and I will

    be your host. You can call me Slash, unless you want to get in my

    pants, in which case you can call me General Badass. I am the captain

    of this expedition, and I WILL lead this team to victory!"

    By now, I've made a podium out of a nearby rock and proceed to flex.

    "Alright, first things first. Train for combat. This is a hostile

    place we know nothing about. See that pig over there? That pig could

    maul you to death with its tusks. See that jackal eating that pig over

    there? You don't even WANT to know what kind of shit that jackal will

    stick up your whazoo. Train yourself in some kind of combat, be it

    weapon, magic, or robot-fu."

    "After we are prepped for combat, we will search the island for its

    mysteries and create a permanant base somewhere secure. We are going

    to survive, grow strong, and crush anyone who stands in our way."

    Here, I throw up the horns for emphasis.

    "We are team Shark Shotgun, and our mission is to make this island and

    everything on it our bitch!"

    I bow to the boundless applause, and proceed to become a master of the

    flame. My troops, inspired by my Pulitzer-winning speech, run off to

    master their favorite form of fighting.

  11. damn formatting

  12. Oh, and by the way, when I flexed, my shirt ripped off, revealing fine-tuned, rippling abs. I didn't bother to replace it.

  13. *thunderous applause, which ends as I proceed to "raise da roof"*

  14. "Ack, pff, yuck" I crawl out of the turbulent waters of the ocean to thunderous applause. People listening to some speech. They look so familiar... "Oh right. They were on that ship with me. Why did I decide to take that guild job anyway. Stupid lobstercats..." Wringing out my old soaking coat, I listen attempting to appear interested.

    After that's done I see people doing numerous things from staring at sticks, sitting in the ocean(We were just in there!) and hitting pigs with sticks. Looking at the wood pile and rope I scratch my chin.

    Grabbing wood and rope I start fashioning a makeshift tent hut thing. Better to have something to stay in until we make something more permanent later. "Why did I ever drop out of the Royal Academy?" I moan as I get started.

  15. As I wash onto shore to thunderous applause, staring up at the sky for a moment before climbing to my feet and staggering ashore, staring around at my new home. "An island?" I exclaim, turning around and scratching my salt and water logged hair. "There is only one thing to do, then." With a determined air, and a glint in my majestic brown eyes, I attempt to fashion a spear out the surrounding materials.