Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Adventure Begins!

-=The adventure begins=-

In the capital of Bro-tannia the king is giving a speech to his people, revealing the location of an island once thought to be mere legend. In the legend it is said that this island is home to the last Lionphoenix, and as everyone knows phoenix's make radical pets.

"I the king of Bro-tannia the most wicked-sweet lord of lords, proclaim that my wizards have discovered the island of legend. It has always been my dream to own this totally tubular bird as a pet. For any guild that brings me this bird alive I will reward them with my presence... and boatloads of gold. Cause every one likes gold, Seriously guys, gold up the wahzoo."

Upon hearing this every guild jumped at the chance. Everyone of them dreaming of being able to put gold in their wahzoo's. But being the cheap bastards they are, the guild leaders hired only the cheapest and unskilled labor, the most worthless barely sea-worthy boats, and bare minimum equipment. You were given orders by your respective guilds to obtain the Lionphoenix at all costs and told that in the legend the Lionphoenix lives inside of gigantic volcano. All the guilds rushed their boats out to sea and as you left your home on Bro-tannia you get the distinct impression that no one will miss you.

It was a long journey with many perils, passing through "The Chasm of Sea Krakens", Over the the "Under ocean", under the "luke warm gates". Then When within mere days of the end of your travel, the most brutal storm ever witnessed whips all the ships to shreds. After hours of heart pounding, adrenaline filled, survival instinct driven swimming you arrive or awaken on the coast of a tropical island. The colossal volcano looming ominously overhead.

Pieces of the torn up ship lay about the coast and while you see all your teammates you do not see any other teams, they may not have survived. You hear the screeching howl of some terrible beast off in the distance of the thick and life filled jungle.


The weather is sunny and hot!

-=things to note/updates=-

Your teams each start with 1 large pile of lumber and 1 large pile of rope.

You don't have to worry about food and drink in your turn posts, it is assumed that each character is getting enough of both while at base camp. If you are traveling or exploring it might be necessary to bring canteens and some food.

Post your turns on the team updates, the ones posted under the newest updates are the ones I will count for the next turn.

The dead lines for turns will be Friday at 11:59 pm.


  1. Remember that its ok to read the actions of the other team, but that doesn't mean your characters know what they are doing.

  2. Formatting from other programs messes with the text when you copy and paste, its better just to type out your messages.