Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Axis of Glorious Retribution Arrives!

Your team awakens on the beach to the sight of Lizardsharks basking on the hot rocks while the tide is out, some of them are munching away on seagulls they caught. You've always wanted a vacation on a tropical island but not on one where your on the menu.

Lightfufu remembers that his guild leader gave him two parting gifts a "Sockmonkey of justice" and "Azure lantern". He told you they had some sort of hidden power, but you had know idea what he was talking about. You look around the wreckage for them and manage to find the Lantern but not the sockmonkey.

The trees just off of the coast are varied, some of them are long skinny trees with some sort of red and round fruit at the top. Then there are other smaller trees that hold tough brown nuts. Every once in a while the wind will blow them down from the trees and hit the ground if they happen to fall onto a rock you notice that they emmit a large pop sound and a small burst of air.

-=things to note=-

a list of up to date team resources including structres will be posted under the team rosters.

Post your turns here, you can talk strategy all you want but please make it

clear when your posting your actual turn. Have fun and be creative!


  1. OK gang, welcome to the Island! Now, we're here for one thing and one thing only and that's to make a fuck-ton of money. First things first, we're going to need to establish our base camp. I'm of course taking suggestions, but I think we need to use that wood and that rope and make some sort of fortifications or at least some shelter to get us out of this sun. We may need to gather some more wood from the forest in order to properly do this. I also seem to have misplaced my beloved “Sockmonkey of Justice”! It is possibly an item of great power...*looks around* maybe...But I think we need to find it as soon as possible! Once we are established on the beach, we should then begin to expand our base and ourselves through training. I will be trying to expand my magical talents in order to properly shield us from the fires and heat of the volcano, since we will eventually be venturing into the belly of that beast.

    So to sum up suggestions for actions this turn:
    1)Begin construction of base. We need buildings and some sort of wall to protect us from other guilds and whatever natives that may be on this island.
    2)We will also need more wood. If you decide to gather some, I want teams of two for that so you can watch each other's backs. I wont be losing anybody! NOT WHILE I'M IN CHARGE!
    3)The Sockmonkey is missing and we need to find it. It should be something that will help us, otherwise why was it given to me!
    4)Train your body, mind and soul. We have quite the adventure ahead of us lady and gentleman. We need to be ready for anything!

    My Turn: I will start by first rationing out the wood and rope in order to build as many suitable buildings as we can. Nothing fancy at this point, looking for getting out of the sun and stability. We can upgrade the buildings later! Once all the wood/rope is separated, I'll begin helping with construction.

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  3. My Turn extended: With any left over time in the day after construction, I will begin to meditate in the hopes of unlocking some sort of affinity with one of the 4 elements(Earth, Wind, Fire, Water).

  4. Meanwhile, on the other beach: Team Shark Shotgun begins cranking up their boombox in hopes of unlocking some sort of affinity with the 1970s funk supergroup Earth, Wind & Fire. :P

    Awww yeah, it's on! See yah up on the mountain, bitches! (You'll know us when you see us. We'll be the ones riding the Lionphoenix like a mechanical bull.)

  5. My turn: After listening to my fearless leader I begin to gather wood and mention that I would go out with someone to get more wood at some point. I after pulling together a eeyore-like tp I start stretching and getting ready for my training by pulling off the outer layers of my outfit. I start my training in acrobatics by climbing a few trees, doing flips in the sand, and stretching my legs up over my head one at a time.

  6. Continued:
    My acrobatic training concludes and I look at the shack I have built for myself then back at the others. Perhaps I should help, after-all I did join this guild to get some friends. Or, as it were, my mom made me join this guild to get some friends.

    I make my way with bare feet on the hot sand to the others that had been with me on the boat. "So..." And that was all I could think of to say. Other than, '...this is an island is it?' But I caught myself before I let that moronic question pass my lips. There seemed to be just a few people who actually managed to land on the island. The leader of our party seemed to be taking a nap sitting up so I walked over and did a cartwheel into crossed legs and sat next to him.

    After making a dumb remark about how 'sandy the sand was' I pushed my golden hair behind my shoulders and squinted at the sun. I wondered how hot it must be up there, then I remembered our job on this island is to go into a volcano. I looked over at our leader and held out my hand saying. "Hi my name is Fera." cuz afterall that's how Mama taught me to say hello to someone. And Mama was always right.

  7. "The wind whispers, the sea gurgles, the earth groans and the fire cackles. At least that's what my master always told me. He said one would speak above the rest and if I listened and waited it would speak up and tell me how to use it... it hasn't happened yet but maybe this island will speak to me." *opens eyes and looks over at Fera* "Hello Fera. It's good to see that you made it. That was quite the storm we ran in to. You're not injured are you?

  8. My turn: Whist our "fearless leader" begins to dole out the rations and supplies to the rest of the team, I will be making my way over to where the Lizardsharks lie, disguising myself using a mass of bound jungle leaves as I go.

    Once I've arrived at the sweltering precipice of Lizardsharkdom, I will reveal myself to them and begin negotiations for using their services as mercenaries and transport. After all, I do speak fluent Sharkanark after having lived amongst the subterranean landsharks of my homeland. This was while I had been majoring in Majestic Animal Relations, before I had been kicked out of the Royal Arcane Academy for dealing mana suppliments.

    The difference in dialect shouldn't be any problem... I think anyone with half a brain, and who knows Sharkanark, should be able to tell the difference between a "Ka'rakan" and a "Kar'a'khan"!

    "I demand to speak to your King!" I call out in (admittedly, heavily accented) Sharkanark from a safe distance whilst standing atop an outcropping of rock, wind whipping at my tattered and sea-salt sodden coat. "Tell him Hister Von Helstrom is here for an audience!"

  9. I give the man a reassuring smile. "No I'm fine it would seem," I check myself over one more time before giving a nod. "Yep all good. So you were listening? How's that working out for you?" I start to play with the sand and tread it through my fingers as I wait for a response. As I wait I see a man walking around mumbling about how something would be 'just his luck,' then stopping out of ear shot still mumbling about something or other.
    The people in this guild confuse me but I won't judge, I mean after-all I am a freak who can put both her feet above her head at a seconds notice.

  10. Sorry for the confusion, I just discovered that Mike Fish was both himself and Shadowedeyes. We have since rectified this and moved him to only Team shark shotguns. Sorry you lose a member but more people should be appearing soon.

  11. "My its dark... and heavy. Where am I? Last thing I remember was the ship crashing. Am I dead? Those mother fuckers! I told them these things weren't going to make it out of dock! Well they kind of made it out of dock, but they didn't make it to the dock and that's what matters! They should have just let me build the boat like I wanted too! So what my costs were 10 times that of the others, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE RIGHT! AND TO TOP IT OFF IT GOT ME KILLED!"
    With an infuriated kick he realized he could still hurt. After a long and heartfelt string of obscenities it dawned on him. Reaching forward he felt the shoddy woodwork of the haphazardly build ship. With a deliberate push he found himself free.
    He stood up, disoriented, and surveyed the nearby land scape, other surviving crew, and the wreckage.
    "Damn it my tools." He knew without them this was going to be difficult. He slumped to the ground, eying the hopeless wreck, when he realizes to potential to invent.

    (spends the day building gathering materials along the beach and near by trees to build tools!)

    (I want my character to be and inventor/physicist)

  12. Waking up later in the day on the beach. I look around, landing further down the beach than the rest. Waking up and brush myself off. I begin walking towards the emerging camp. While on the way picking up small fairly straight sticks. After arriving at the camp I rest the sticks in a parameter about fifteen feet out from the huts. Later in the day, once I finish an arrangement I like. I head slightly inland and begin gathering armfuls of more sticks and bring them back to the camp, stacking them in a pile next to one end of the already laid out ones.

  13. Stalkerfufu are you george, or somebody new, I need to know for the roster and character stats.

    I would like everyone to post under their account name, you can change the account name or the posting name but when you have two separate ones it confuses the heck outa me.