Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Day Dawns (Day Two)

Back in Bro-tannia the king is bored.

"summon the magi! Flavor of Love bores me and I wish to see how the contest is going, scry me the island again".

Several moments and pieces of tin-foil later.

"thank god I thought we'd never get good reception now lets see what going...holy shit that was metal, this is much better than Jersey Shore".

On the island

The weather begins to take a turn for the worst, the clouds grow gray and the wind picks up in speed. Rain is on the way but has not arrived yet. The necessity of quick action brought on by the arrival of a bad storm increases everyone's turn efficiency.

Natives approach both camps with a small band of 5 warriors equipped with spears some of them carrying an item they point and grunt gesturing for a trade. After looking over what you have they point to what they are willing to trade for.

  • Pocketwatch=Sockmonkey
  • Sunglasses=Rocket Propelled Piranha launcher
  • Gem Encrusted spear=toaster
The Axis
  • Lantern=Glowingblacksword
  • map=gasoline powered electrical generator
  • all your wood=gasoline
You get the impression they don't want to stick around (they will leave in 1 turn).

Being wounded means you lose half your turn. That means any actions you perform are at half efficiency. Consequently it takes a half a turn to heal your self or anyone else.


  1. What's the deadline for this turn, btw?

  2. Sorry I forgot to add that to the post. The deadline for this turn will be Wednesday at 11:59 pm so that everyone will have a chance to read this and get one in.

  3. The next one's will be updated faster as everyone including me get used to the setup.