Monday, March 22, 2010

The Axis of Glorious Retribution Day three!

As the day goes on the storm gets worse, the wind howls like an army of monkeys and the rain pours heavily even piercing through your huts but they still afford you protection. The trees bend and sway and lightening crackles from strikes all over the island. Team Axis is nearly confined to their huts but one brave soul leaves shelter to continue his tasks. Then abruptly when the sun is setting the storm passes and all is peaceful again.

Lightfufu stays inside and uses his proximity to the storm to learn how to be like one. He learns how to bend water in small ways pushing and pulling it as well as creating small tendrils that can pick up objects or create a small whip. He also develops the power to control the wind either commanding it to a standstill when its breezy or making a swift breeze.

Stalkerfufu The brave bastard he is ventures outside to what the rest of the team only assume can be certain doom. He struggles to keep good footing as he walks trying to pierce these wind determined to finish what he started a day ago. He manages to find a few of the rocks he desired but eventualy with a crack of lightening a tree splits open and large pieces of sharp wood splinter off and pierce his leg. knocked off his feet the wind lifts him up and throws him deep into the jungle. wounded and bruised Stalkerfufu struggles in vain to weather the storm in the jungle, but it's just then when a furry native walks by completely unfazed by the storm. Walking around just as happy as if it was sunny he notices Stalkerfufu and begins to help him. The native guides him to a nearby cave, and although they do not speak the same language the native coaxes him into a dance. It was a silly dance around a small fire and the native through something into the fire at the end of the dance. suddenly without warning the native pushed out of the cave. At first he flinched afraid of the rain and storm, but then realized that whatever the native had done the effects of the storm didn't affect him anymore. But his wounded leg still hindered him greatly and he didn't know the surrounding area that well so he spent the rest of the night at the cave.

The goop had his Lizardsharks gather up materials close by and then retreat to their stone crevices for shelter. Meanwhile in his hut The Goop began experimenting with various mixtures and while he was not yet able to create a potion that made you stronger or faster or smarter he was able to create a healing salve. This healing salve would he a wide variety of wounds and was easily package-able in seaweed and distributed to team mates. It also had the desired side-effect of getting you "high as fuck". (Game terms take 1/2 turn to make 1 salve. But when applying takes no part of your turn, but also gets you high. What that means you'll have to find out for yourself.) Goop was able to make 1 such item.

Jeremy went straight to work on the forge, putting the finishing touches and generally perfecting the design. With that done he was a bit bushed but wanted to start work on more tools. Realizing that his ability to create better tools was hinged on the use of the forge which would be nearly impossible during the storm, due to smoke inhalation, or having an opening in the roof which rain could poor through. So instead he experimented with the resources at hand and created a bit drill out of spare bits of metal and wood.

BeckyD went temporarily insane and thought it would be an awesome idea to go dancing in the rain. The rest of the team begins to suspect Island Madness may be setting in. She prances through the thunderstorm like it isn't affecting her at all but it clearly is. She dances through the jungle and discovers that she can't find a dancing partner and dances with a stick. She does this until the wind manages to throw a pretty hefty rock at her head wounding her. Finally done with her dancing spat she returns to her hut and falls asleep. She awakens the next day with purple spots all over her, and a nasty cough. She is now sickened and wounded.

-=Sickened condition=-
In the sickened condition different things may happen to you, of which you will discover in my post. You can take a whole turn and you will have a low chance that turn to be cured or you can take it easy. This tells me your turn is only 50% effective and you have a high chance to be cured. Some one tending you or giving you some sort of health related item might increase chances in both situations.

Your team ends the turn with: BeckyD(Wounded and sickened), Stalkerfufu(wounded), 1 High As Fuck Healing Salve, Finished Forge(high quality), Bit Drill


  1. Awakening the next morning, I decide to rip a part of my shirt off. Removing the wood sprinters from my leg, and tying the piece of shirt around the open wound to help it heal. After making sure it is secure, I slowly walk through the cave, checking the walls for any information to grasp more about the island, or any secrets to magic written on the wall. After spending the entire day on it, I find a niche to sleep in, as to not be attacked by any unwanted visitors in my injured state.

  2. During the morning I will quickly go through my Katas, trying to incorporate as much of my new abilities into them as well as my flame abilities. Once I've gone through them once or twice, I gather up several canteens of water, 2 days worth of rations, my lantern and the map.

    "Ok guys, I'm heading into the jungle. I said that I wanted Goop and Fera(Becky) to come with me but some things have changed. Stalker didn't come back last night and I'm worried about him. Fera, I don't want to you to do much since you're injured and sick. I think i heard you say something about a healing salve Goop? Try and help Fera out as best as you can. I'm hoping to find Stalker and I'll be sure to mark anything interesting that I find along the way. If you don't hear from me in a few days...I want you to mount a rescue team! Don't you dare leave in there!"

    After the awe-inspiring speech i head into the jungle trying to track Stalker to rescue him!

  3. ((Sorry guys I've been away from the internet for a few days)) I awaken by opening my eyes but not remembering anything that happened the previous day. I look down at my arms and notice something is wrong. Turning to my side I lurch and hurl up chunks of fruit and I think part of a stick. I whip my face and slowly look around. The world is spinning and my skin feels like it's burning. A sharp pain rushes to my head and I place my hand on what seems to be an open wound. When everything comes into focus I see purple spots all over my body. Instantly I start to panic and get out of my tent. Looking around I see the carnage of the storm from the previous day. Had I really skipped the whole storm? What happened yesterday? Suddenly the whole island starts to spin and I fall to the ground. I hear Adon's(Lightfufu) voice and some orders but not a lot of it gets though. I decide to stay on the ground and let the sun soak me. ((Is that purple thing suppose to be Fera?))

  4. Hey! You don't like my totally awesome paint murals? Well I am always accepting donations. Photoshop would be nice. :P

  5. ((If you give me what you want the day before I may be able to put something out for you.))

  6. “For shame!” I cry outwards to the swiftly retreating storm clouds. “This new tonic will not do! I need a more powerful base, perhaps involving some Ziggy Vine extract? Either way, the weeds and flowers scattering the shore line will suffice no longer!”

    Striding across the debris strewn beach, and stepping over the semi-conscious circus performer, I glare at the smoking volcano towering over us from the center of the island. Once I reach the edge of the beach, I level a finger at it.

    ”I see you there! Yes! Yes I do! So dark, so ominous! You probably hold a veritable mother load of poisonous and mind altering plants within your unfathomable pits! And I shall have them! And your Lionphoenix too!”

    I stop for a moment, putting finger to lips, looking to either side of me, lest one should hear my thoughts whispered aloud.

    “Yes…YES! Surely, a creature such as the Lionphoenix would break any material bonds we may affix to her…but another form of control may suffice, perhaps? Even the strongest of men flail as ineffectively as invalid children at the might of chemical dependency! I imagine a majestic beast would fair no better, against the ‘stickiest of the icky’ that this infernal island may harbor within its dark and sweltering taint.”

    I turn back towards the fiery mountain, my eyes now alight with a fire of their own. “Yes! I have you now! Though, it might help to try and remember at least some of my instructions from back in the Arcane Academy. A little magic might come in use, if my beautiful, scaly Children are not at hand.”

    At a moan from behind me, I turn back towards the unconscious girl.

    “You there, on the ground, with the malaria! Stay here and tow the fort, or line the hold, or whatever the grunts with the shiny helmets say. I’m heading into the island seeking victory and knowledge, or homemade narcotics. Speaking of which, there is a jar of special brew in my hut, if you can reach the top shelf, next to the bits of rotting fish and the necklace made of coconuts. If you need help applying it, ask one of the Glorious Children. I leave you, wounded, bleeding, and diseased, in their carnivorous care.”

    “This is a good plan,” I say.

    My turn: I will be leading a small cadre of three Sharklizard cultists deeper into the jungle, leaving the rest of the Glorious Children to feast on whatever dead sea creatures may have turned up on the beach. This will let them also serve as defense for the base camp.

    While traveling, I will be munching on a small handful of leaves that are known to stimulate memory. I will be attempting to remember anything from my Defense Against the Awesome Arts, and Practical Magic classes from freshman year at the Academy. I realize that I may not be able to remember the entire courses, and so I am attempting to remember the basics.

  7. Now that the forge is complete and the rain no longer a problem, I will spend my day making more complex and useful tools. Also I would like to attempt to research the nuts in an attempt to weaponize them. (sorry I havnt been on much but they jacked up my hours hard core...)