Thursday, March 25, 2010

Team Shark Shotgun Day Four!

Seizing the amiable temperament of the day, Ish, Fish, and mwkelley set out to explore deeper into the jungle and find and make contact with the natives at their village. Before leaving Ish heals Jakes arm and realizes a secret to healing magic. Ish can now heal one person without spending an action, any other people though and he will need a 1/2 action to heal. The three of you set out. As you explore the jungle your party comes across many wild creatures most of which run and hide from you.

Then the three of you come across a small pink boarling its just sitting there sniffling. Ish and fish all recognize that something isn't normal about the pigling, it doesn't seem to have any noticeable oriffices like it was meant to just look like a pigling and the sound it's making isn't really coming from the pig. But before they can say anything mwkelley moves to give the pig a knock on the melon so he can cook and eat it. Then when mwkelley gets close enough to it, a creature pounces from the bushes. The pigling like thing is attached to a tendril coming from the predator. The creature attacks mwkelley, standing about 15ft tall and 10ft long, long needle like teeth extending from a large maw just below where the tendril connects, two fly like eyes on the side of its head just after the maw ends and a large cat like body, 10 Tentacles about 20ft long each extend out from his back and flail about at its side making it hard to surround. The Teeth pierce into mwkelley's shoulder causing a large gaping wound. The boar pelt cuts into the creature causing it to howl in pain. Jumping into action Ish using his water magic opens up a steam vent under the creature then leaps straight at it and comes down on it with his Pacifists. Mike Fish using his harpoon throws it into his side and uses the rope to restrict its movements. mwkelley pulling himself together pulls his cluebyfour above his head with both hands and crashes it down onto the creatures head in the hardest blow he has ever dealt. The creatures screams a shrill cry before only heard in your nightmares then goes lifeless.

Ish heals mwkelley but as you take some time to recover from the fight Mike Fish manages to find a small cave. Inside the cave Mike Fish finds all the metals and ores necessary to create steal and quite a bit. Marking it on the map they continue to the village. When they arrive at the village they can hear chanting coming from the center of the village. Opting to be cautious they sneak closer for a look. As they peer out behind a hut they hear the words "ia ia cthulhu fhtagn" being chanted over and over. The natives are huddled in a circle around a pit a large stick coming from the center. A man of Dexterian descent tied to the pole just begins awakening and screams as he looks down. Then in mere seconds you see a flash of a creature stretch up surround the man then pull him beyond your sight into the pit. From what you saw it had no defining shape and you all saw multiple mouths and eyes.

Back at the camp...

Jake trains his body even harder with strength and endurance training. Jake comes the realization that he is the strongest in the team.

While working on imbuing a few machetes with fire and earth magic which turned out to be fairly easy for fire magic. Creating machetes that can ignite as they cut something. Slashphoenix notices that the albums that mwkelley left behind were Green Days later stuff like American idiot and not nearly as awesome as Dookie. But not dissuaded Slashphoenix imbues them with the power of Pop Punk. Slash is unsure of the effects this will have but no doubt it will be wicked sweet. Slash also draws up plans for a fortress, defensive spike and magic flame turrets.

Your team ends the turn with: 3 fire and pop punk machetes, plans for a fortress and defenses, monster carcass(you can name it yourself), position for metal mine.


  1. MY TURN

    "Holy whah..." Ish whispers into his beard, observing the chanting natives from the trees with the rest of the field team, "'Ia ia, cthuthlu...' man, I learned some weird shit at Saint Cousteau's Orphanage and Bait Shop," I wistfully remember my days at the Poseidonian seminary, "But this is fucked up, bros."

    "That horrible wretch, with the ghastly pallor, mind shattering scream, and four-eyes? That was..." Ish paused for dramatic effect, slipping on his holy Ray-Bans, "A nerd."

  2. I hack off one of the monster's tentacles for a breakfast-kabob, then cover the rest of the carcass with palm leaves to help keep the bugs off it. "Man," I mutter at the slavering, bug-eyed mofo, "you are a very freaky girl. The kind you don't take home to mutha. I dub thee 'Superfreak'." I knight the dead beastie by tapping its shoulderish areas with the Clue-by-four, then head back to where Ish & Fish are hiding out.

    When I get back, I say to the guys "Dudes, that superfreak carcass is gonna get ripe fast. If we're planning to drag that thing into the village & get some value out of it, today would be the day. Sure, I guess they've got some, um... 'old-skool' religious customs, but I think if we keep it casual we'll be all right. Maybe they just hate Pointdexterians.. and who doesn't, right?"

    "So, whaddaya think? Still wanna go down there and pawn some stuff?"

  3. "I'm up for some ecumenical outreach," I reply, "We've got muscle, medicine, and moderately alright music to offer. We can already tell they don't have much love for the Pointdexterians. If we play this right, maybe we can get allies as well as trade."

  4. OOC
    Just for fun:

    Ish receiving the Raybans® of Broseidon:

    Ish introducing the Pointdexterians to the PaciFists:


    Do you guys need me to go to the cave and unearth the shit out of that ore? Would anybody use it?

  6. SlashPhoenix, Master of Flame and FortuneMarch 27, 2010 at 6:22 AM


    "You know what we need, team? A kickass pet who would totally help us fight. That would rock SO HARD." I say this whilst standing on a large rock as a podium and using a flame machete as an air guitar as it plays Green Day's "Holiday".

    After looking around, I realize I'm talking to myself, because I gave my team permission to go on an expedition yesterday. I quickly move on to something more productive.


    I'm going to spend the morning summoning an awe-inspiring, beautiful and deadly MAGMA ELEMENTAL, made of 70% magma and 30% refined awesome. I do this by channeling my earth powers for the base and my fire powers for the flame, and with a combination of those two magiks and my intense channeling of power (fueled by a ceremony which may involve posing, flexing, and ripping more shirts off), I hope he comes to serve me well. I affectionately name him "Altair, Loyal Minion of the Burning Deep Fire", or "Blazey" for short.

    After that, I begin developing the ability to conjure flame turrets out of rock and fueled with my own fire, for our future Shark Shotgun Stronghold.

  7. Sup guys, I'm Blazey.

  8. To Ish: "Couldn't've said it better myself, Rev."

    = = = =
    I'll go down to the village with Ish, say wassup to the fuzzies, and spend the day makin' friends, proposing trades, and attempting to learn the natives' language.

    I'll follow Ish's lead and high-tail it out of there if things get too dicey. (In case it comes up: my character is not 100% down with getting sacrificed to an Elder God today. *grin*)

    If Fish decides to stay behind, I'll send him a covert signal later if it's safe, or a different signal if he should instead round-up the rest of the team to come rescue our dumb asses. :)

  9. Deciding that relying on others to heal my injuries is folly, I spend the day tracking down an illusive jungle lizardspider, a deadly predator that can regenerate its own lost limbs. If I locate one I will spend the remainder of the day studying it and meditating on its regenerative capabilities, if I do not, obviously I must hone my tracking skills, so I spend the rest of the day attempting to decipher tracks and hone my sense of direction.

  10. (A late post, but still before Jeff's update. Ha)

    "Umm, I think I'll just stay here guys, and umm, watch your flank. Yah, that's totally what I'm doing." I bullshit out when the others suggest going down to the village. There is no way I'm going any closer to otherworldly tentacle pit thing, not after that class on the old ones back at the Academy. Personally, I never really showed up to clas, but I heard the rest of the class went insane, started a cult, and had to be burned by fire.

    They wouldn't renew that class in the fall.

    (So, staying out of the village, keeping watch over the area)