Friday, April 2, 2010

The Axis of Glorius Retribution Day Five!

Though the day is agreeable much is happening some good some bad.

Back at the cave...

Lightfufu presses his hand against the great stone door and with some struggle the door begins to move back. As he is pushing it open creating a greater and greater gap Lightfufu hears something shifting around behind the colossal stone. lightfufu uses his torch to bring light into the cavernous opening behind the stone door, when a gigantic bat creature is brought into view. It screams at Lightfufu but ignores him and makes a dash for the newly created opening. Rushing for the cave entrance it spreads its wings and heads for the sky letting loose a terrifying roar before it does so. Lightfufu is unsettled by this display but the cave goes deeper even yet. Not letting his nerves get the best of him he continues into the cave behind the door. At the very back of the cave lay a golden spear ornately decorated with all types of gems. Pictures on the wall tell a story about how the men shapes attempted to use the spear to kill the creature but no man was successful and so they managed to trap it here.

Stalkerfufu unimpressed by the ominous stone door decides to explore more of the island. Experienced in the ways of discovery this was a simple task for him. Pushing further and further into the jungle along the way encountering many kinds of small creatures. Finally he comes to an opening and sees some other people. He begins to approach them when he notices their glasses, the ghoslty complexion, and their pocket protectors. Pointdextarians! A small patrol of 3 soldiers, one of them screams halt and then the 3 chase after Stalkerfufu. All your life you've been told that only a total pussy would show his back to a pointdextarian so Stalkerfufu holds his ground. With his newly discovered dagger he returns jab for slash, but dextarian steel is a formidable thing. At the end of the carnage 3 dead men lay at Stalkerfufu's feet and he has suffered a large but shallow cut across his chest.

Back at the camp...

BeckyD begins exploration just outside of camp. Using her aptitude for stealth she manages to go unnoticed by anything she encounters. Even Jackals and boars don't notice her. She begins studying the rocks around the edges of camp attempting to discovers some clues about the island. Though BeckyD doesn't find anything this turn she's sure if she continues she may find something.

Jeremy waking up from a dream begins work on a new project, he puts together plans for a bio magnetic power source and a machine that is a suit. Putting this plan into action will require preparation so he prepares his body by trying to focus his natural magnetic output. By the end of the day he can manipulate a small needle.

The Goop meets with the villagers and their leader. They recognize you as part of that party on the shore and greet you amiably. They seem to be in the middle of a ritual, behind them a a man in glasses and carrying a pen protector is tied to a sacrificial altar. Symbols of a squid-like entity surround the camp. A circle with a star drawn in the middle is drawn in blood over the poor sods chest. You blow up one of your Lizards in a display of power over your cultists and they seem mildly impressed. They point towards their sacrifice and continue in the ritual, he explodes into a horrid formless mass with many gnashing teeth and blinking eyes. A form too horrible to fully comprehend. But at the end of the day both groups have a mutual respect for each others dark gods and robe wearing cults. The Goop can stay there as much as he likes food and water is supplied and trading may occur.

At the end of the day your team ends with: a golden spear, 3 dead men, plans for a mechanical suit, alliance with the natives.

I would like to apologize again for not updating on time. Life has decided to get in my way for the last month of school. So I need to put aside my pretend life to focus on that. I'll be working very slowly on these updates for the next month so expect no deadlines. I think this will work out better for every one. At least I'll still be updating faster than