Friday, March 12, 2010

The Axis of Glorious Retribution Day One!

Making good use of the fine weather The Axis gets to work. Lightfufu begins by barking orders to his guild mates. Gathering materials Lightfufu sets out to begin construction on several structures. With a little luck he manages to create four rope and lumber huts about 10 feet in diameter. After feeling content in his job well done he begins meditating on the four elements, the element of fire coming to mind most often. The immutable flame of creation burning bright from deep within. Lightfufu learns to focus his will and create a small flame. As well as produce a thin jet of flame from his hand. As he trained Lightfufu noticed that the light from his lantern gave him clarity of mind and made his time much more productive.

BeckyD strolls onto shore with a sunny and cheerful nature, after creating a small one person teepee she whistfully strolls into the forest looking for wood. She enters the jungle and begins to pick up large sticks when a Jackal, black as night and burning red eyes jumps out at her. The very next moment just before the Jackal strikes out at her a 10 foot tall Frogbear lashes out with his tongue wrapping the Jackal up and rebounding straight into his mouth. The Frogbear slothfully munches away at his meal and BeckyD makes her escape with a bundle of wood. Having just nearly been a meal she decides to loosen up and practice her acrobatics, slipping her feet past her head, perfecting cart wheels and handsprings.

The Goop crafts a makeshift Lizardshark disguise out of leaves and vines. With a little knowledge of the Sharklizards back home he begins to communicate. With a series of tailwags he tells a smaller one in the pack that he is here to meet the leader, or was it fight the leader? A large Lizardshark with a crown upon his brow makes him self known with a large bellow and charges The Goop. But The Goop dodges out of the way. He knows that Lizardsharks fight a non-lethal battle when fighting for leadership but injuries are still likely to occur. (you can spend another turn and fight him, or you can run and use your full turn for other things).

Jeremy gathers some materials to create some basic construction tools. First using a some rope, wood and a rock to create a hammer. Chiseling at another rock to create a dagger, and fashioning saw out of some metal found in the wreckage. With these tools gathering other resources and crafting will become easier.

Meanwhile George masters the art of gathering, while gathering more sticks in the the jungle George comes across a spear sticking in the ground. Curios he picks it up and notices some movement as something vanishes into the underbrush, the thing had left behind another object, picking it up George acquires a map of the island on this map several spots are marked. On the map the three spots are marked, the shape of a stick man a day north of camp, the shape of a cave a day south of camp, the shape of a building a day east of camp.

At the end of the day your team ends up with more wood than it started with, two 10ft huts, and a teepee, a set of basic tools, a spear, and a map.


  1. Suggestions for turns from the team leader!

    Becky- I'm going to be doing some Martial arts training after I check to make sure everything is stable enough to survive the storm. Wont you join me?


    Jeremy and George- You guys should work together to make a forge for crafting weapons. George is also thinking about making a ditch to make a badass wall. You guys should work together on that too.

    Obviously these are just suggestions though so do whatever you want!

  2. The more help we can get with building the better seeing as that storm is coming. Id say that should be top priority, then we can make the forge inside. I'm thinking we can make a simple yet sturdy dwelling that can have fire within, will post sample pic soon.

  3. My Turn:
    First I engage the natives with their trade offers. Thinking about them, I solemnly decline their offers. In a gesture of good faith though, in order to build relations with the locals, I offer them 1 of our piles of wood. Looking up at the clouds after the locals depart I make sure that all of the builds are strong enough to survive the oncoming storm. Once i'm sure that they will, I begin to meditate further on my new found fire abilities by combining the use of fire with martial arts Katas that I was taught long ago. Time to relearn them and combine the two into something awesome and totally not rip off of Avatar!


  5. based on the first turn(and my talkings with george)you and him are going to be the team crafters Jeremy. I was just making a suggestion. I trust you guys to do what you think is the best choice with your turn. I've dedicated a portion of my turn to making sure what we have up will survive the storm so you can assist with that and build more or really whatever you want, trust you guys!

  6. I give a good stretch after opening my eyes and roll out of my teepee. Quickly I do my morning stretches and look up to the sky. Dark clouds cover the skies and this worries me. I look around at my fellow guild members and give a quick nod to all of them before seeing the island inhabitants and my fearless leader talking to them. As he leaves I approach him and give him a solid good-morning. "I see that it may rain today. Got any ideas on what to do? Personally I love the rain but if it should turn for the worst then we may be in a bit of trouble. By the way what is your name? If you wish to offer it." My mother had said it was always proper to offer your name when you meet someone.

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  8. "Ah good morning to you too Fera. My apologies for not telling you my name. It must have slipped my mind while i was meditating. It's Adon. As for what to do, I was going to be making sure that our shelters are strong enough to survive the storm and then I was going to be going through my Katas. With this new ability i've acquired, I thought i should somehow weaponize it to make this place just a little safer. You're welcome to join me, maybe we can teach each other some new techniques."

  9. I give a good hearty bow to sir Adon before speaking. "A kata? I'm not sure I understand what that is. Perhaps you can teach me. And perhaps in return I could teach you how to do a 540 front flip." Because after all its always polite to offer something for something. "So shal we get to building up those huts first?" And with a smile I go off to check out the huts.

  10. With a quick glance as Fera walks away, I join her and we get to work

  11. ((>.< No that’s what he said.)) After helping to make sure that the huts are well enough I start my esthetics. Backbends, flips, and dips are performed with grace and beauty but also with deadly accuracy.

  12. My turn: Moving with a quickness and desperation I learned as a freshman living in the dorms of the Royal Arcane Academy, I roll away from the thunderous banzai charge of the Lizardshark monarch and spring to towards safety atop a pile of rocks, giving myself the high-ground advantage.

    The king of the Lizardsharks is a worthy adversary; he is fast, and powerful, and though his heart has weathered many seasons on this island, it has not yet eroded into the tide of years like the rocky shores beneath us. In a battle of arms, after so many years out of practice in the arcane arts, I would surely be beaten.

    However, being a student of the world, as well as the Academy, offers me a veritable arsenal of psychological weapons, the likes of which this species has as of yet been unable to fathom.

    From the plateau below, as the dust clears in the aftermath of his charge, the Lizardshark king should be able to look upwards and see – surely his eyes, though small and aging, should be able to make out the shape of one of his own – as the challenger for his crown, the usurper from another clan, suddenly rises upon his hind legs and clutches his soft, exposed underbelly with his front paws, mouth twisted into a rictus of pain.

    In horror, the rest of the Lizardshark clan bear witness as the mysterious stranger from beyond the sea erupts into a fluttering pile of gore. A clenched, five fingered fist pierces its way out of the stomach, while a fully realized face pushes – nay, burrows with exposed teeth – through the nape of the neck. In mere moments, where once there was a proud usurper for the crown, there now stands a roaring, terrifying, godlike creature born of darkness and flesh and gore.

    With eyes of steel blue, this newly birthed deity stands before the clan, and raises a clenched fist over them as he begins to speak.

    “I am the challenging spirit of this departed vessel, and my strength is the strength of Man; and also, of prescription medication. See you then, my children – do not avert your eyes – and behold the fate of this one lying broken at my feet. I have ridden him hard, yea; but the time to make myself known is now."

    “Hear me, my new children, my beautiful children: if you would stand with me, I could make you the strongest of the Lizardshark clans. I fight not for your crown, proud chieftan; I fight only for your friendship, your brotherhood. We search for the Lionphoenix of yonder mount. If you would be a friend to me and mine, if you would be a brother and a compatriot on this quest, I could craft for you and yours such concoctions, such tonics and potions as would make you invincible. Strange, exotic brews that would allow you to smell all the colors of the land, and taste with all of the sounds and voices of the sky."

    "What say you, matriarch of the Lizardshark? My name is Hister Von Helstrom, and in return for your shoulder next to mine, I offer you all of the glory and the beauty of the world.”

  13. Spending the morning securing the wood for the storm. I take the spear, breaking off the head and using it as a shovel begin digging a shallow ditch around the camp. After finishing this task later in the day, I head back inland to search for large rocks to use for crafting.